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A detail previewed what ‘Polin’s fiery scene in ‘Brigerton 3’ would look like, but few noticed

“Brigerton” is known for hiding subtle elements of its plot or characters in sets, costumes and more. The third season of the Netflix series is no exception, and in a moment that many could have missed, it gave clues about the end of the first part.

While the fiery carriage scene between Penelope and Colin caused controversy among fans, what many may not have noticed is that the first few episodes have been hinting at what will happen.

As of this moment, spoilers for the third season of ‘Brigerton’ and the book ‘Seducing Mr. Bridgerton’.

‘Brigerton 3’: the detail with which the series promoted the carriage scene between Penelope and Colin

In the second episode of the third season of ‘Brigerton’, entitled ‘Under the Moonlight’, there is a sequence that, although brief, hides an important detail. The friends meet at a party after one of their “lessons”, which ended abruptly: Penelope read Colin’s diary and, in an accident, cut off his hand. She offers to help him with a bandage, an act that seems to stir emotions in Colin.

During the dance they both discuss what happened and resolve their differences. However, one element in the background of the scene is equally revealing: on the wall is a mirror in the shape of a carriage. This detail, although unnoticed, foreshadows the romantic scene between them at the end of the fourth episode. Given the brevity of this on-screen interaction, many viewers probably won’t.

This detail could have even more meaning. Fans of the books know that in the novel Seducing Mr. Bridgerton, Colin imagines having sex with Penelope in front of a mirror, claiming that by doing so he might discover herself as beautiful as he sees her.

Although this scene is imagined by Colin in the books, it is never explicitly narrated. However, Netflix promotional images showed the couple in front of several mirrors, leading many to hope that this scene will be featured in the second part of the third season of “Bridgerton” (which premieres on December 13).

So the carriage mirror, which might seem like an insignificant detail, not only foreshadows a romantic scene between Penelope and Colin, but could also be a nod to a scene Colin imagined in the books.

The carriage scene between Penelope and Colin is different in the book

In Seducing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, the carriage scene plays out similarly, but with some key differences.

To begin with, Colin’s reason for getting into a carriage with Penelope is quite different: it is after he has followed her to a church, where he has discreetly delivered the manuscript of the next edition of ‘Lady Whistledown’, by which he discovers that its author gossip leaflet.

Colin gets into her carriage and decides to confront her about her posts, but the argument quickly turns into a passionate make-out session which, in turn, turns into Colin proposing to Penelope.

Did you notice the detail that previewed Penelope and Colin’s carriage scene? Tell us in the comments.

Source: univision

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