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5 inspiring films about education professionals

Watch feature films with inspiring stories where educators go beyond teaching and touch students’ lives

Education is a powerful tool that transforms lives and creates new perspectives. Sometimes being a teacher is not an easy task; It’s a job full of challenges, from dealing with a lack of resources to a lack of student motivation. However, the impact a good educator can have is immeasurable and rewarding.

Teachers break down barriers, open doors and empower people by providing knowledge, skills and new ways of seeing the world. They play a vital role in building a more promising, just and equitable future.

So, below, check out 5 inspiring films about education professionals!

1. The Dead Poets’ Moment (1989)

“The Moment of the Dead Poets” introduces us to a teacher who uses unconventional methods to teach literature

Directed by Peter Weir and starring Robin Williams, “The Dead Poets” tells the story of Professor John Keating, who inspires his students to live passionately and think for themselves. Working in a traditional primary school, he uses unconventional methods to teach literature, encouraging students to do so Carpe Diem (Enjoy your day).

Keating challenges students to exceed expectations imposed by society and follow your dreams. With the creation of the Dead Poets Society, a secret group where students share poems and ideas, they begin to rebel against the rigidity of school and pursue their passions.

Where to look: Star+

2. Goodwill (1997)

“Good Will Hunting,” winner of two Oscars, addresses the impact of education

“Good Will Hunting,” directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams, introduces audiences to the story of Will Hunting, a young self-taught genius who works as a janitor at a university. After solving a complex mathematical problem, he is discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeau and begins therapy with Sean Maguire. The film, which addresses the impact of education professionals on students’ lives, won two Oscar: Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Robin Williams.

Where to look: Netflix and Google Play Movies and TV

3. Mona Lisa’s Smile (2003)

“The Smile of Mona Lisa” questions the role of women in society

“Mona Lisa’s Smile,” directed by Mike Newell and starring Julia Roberts, is set in the 1950s and follows the story of Katherine Watson, an art history professor who challenges students at a conservative college to question the role of women in the society.

He faces resistance from both students and faculty, but continues to encourage them to think critically and pursue more than marriage and home life. Throughout the film, Katherine also shows how education can be a catalyst for social change.

Where to look: Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV and Prime Video.

4. Writers of Freedom (2007)

“Freedom Writers” underlines the importance of an empathetic and personalized education, capable of transforming lives

“Freedom Writers,” directed by Richard LaGravenese and starring Hilary Swank, is based on the true story of Erin Gruwell, an English teacher who transforms the lives of her students at a high school in Long Beach, California. She finds herself facing a difficult group, made up of young people involved in gangs and victims of violence.

By introducing personal journals, Erin allows students to express their experiences and traumas. Through literature and writing, the teacher builds an environment of trust and understanding, encouraging students to overcome their difficulties and see themselves as having potential for the future.

Where to look: Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV and Prime Video.

5. The Man Who Saw Infinity (2015)

“The Man Who Saw Infinity” tells the story of a self-taught genius

Directed by Matt Brown and starring Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons, “The Man Who Saw Infinity” tells the story of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. He, a self-taught genius from Madras, sends his theories to the British mathematician GH Hardy, who invites him to study at Cambridge.

Faced with racism and culture shock, Ramanujan collaborates with Hardy to formalize his mathematical theories. Despite adverse conditions that undermine his health, he makes significant contributions to theta functions, infinite series, and continued fractions.

The film highlights Ramanujan’s profound impact on mathematics and the importance of collaboration between cultures many different ones. “The Man Who Saw Infinity” celebrates the inclusion and recognition of diverse talents, demonstrating that true genius can emerge from anywhere and that collaboration and mutual respect are fundamental to scientific and human progress.

Where to look: Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV, YouTube and Prime Video.

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