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Marvel could create an animated universe from X-Men ’97

According to a Marvel executive, X-Men ’97 could represent the entry into a universe that could expand in the future

X-Men ’97 it could just be the first chapter of a new animated cinematic universe wonder. Over the course of the season of the cartoon, we have seen several appearances of other heroes of the publisher, from Spider-Man to Daredevil, and the company itself does not exclude the possibility of creating a shared chronology with other productions in the future.

Marvel Studios’ head of TV, streaming and animation, Brad Winderbaum, was asked about the possibility of seeing a Marvel Animated Cinematic Universe (MACU) and he himself was pretty excited about the idea. On the Screen Rant website he revealed that this is a real possibility for the future.

Spider-Man already appeared in X-Men '97, so bringing back the hero's classic design would be a leap (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Animation)

“For me, X-Men ’97 it’s the window to the ’90s and to that universe,” the executive said. “And we’ll see how much that window can perhaps expand over time.” With this he clarifies that the idea of ​​exploring other superheroes within the same continuity of mutant series is something that is not out of the question and we could have some spin-offs and even more returns in the style of what we saw here.

According to Winderbaum, what makes this idea so interesting is that that era – i.e. stories set in the ’90s – offers the freedom to connect the plots with any other film or series.

Captain America's appearance in X-Men '97 already opens the door to a decent Avengers cartoon (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Animation)

It’s something that he compare with What if…?, although the multiversal plot works in an even more isolated way, almost like an anthology. “But this is actually a universe that has been around for multiple seasons, which is one of the most exciting things.”

Shared universe of animations

The possibility of Marvel Creating a shared universe of your animations is not a new idea. It actually already existed when the X-Men cartoon first aired in 1992. At that time it had already been established that the story of the mutants took place in the same reality as the Spider-Man cartoon. — and, not surprisingly, there were a few episodes where the heroes met.

Marvel, a drawing of Daredevil is all I ask of you (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Animation)

The fact that they are on the same Earth-92131 is something that has been explored X-Men ’97with Amigão da Neighborhood appearing in two episodes, including one solved one of the biggest mysteries of the plot. For this reason, if this expanded universe were to one day come to fruition, Cabeça de Teia will be the main fan favorite to receive a new chance.

However, what Brad Winderbaum’s speech suggests is that we have even more heroes who share the same timeline. The animation featured characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and even Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. So, it wouldn’t be strange to see the adventures of each of them or even groups like the Avengers.

This would even fix a gap Marvel itself created a few years ago. Superhero cartoons and their success have simply not been produced for some time now X-Men ’97 shows that there is a large audience that wants to consume this type of content. And, taking into account that cinema seems to struggle to find a way out, animations can represent an excellent alternative, as well as a good laboratory to test concepts before bringing them to the big screen.

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