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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Tuesday 21st May 2024 Episode 929 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

On Tuesday, May 21, everything starts here…

Teissier was kicked out of the Coupe de France

In Brittany, Lionel wants to confront Jim, convinced that he is behind the sabotage that Kelly has been a victim of since the start of the Coupe de France. But his lover, as well as Salome, have doubts about the rival’s guilt. They prefer to stay at the competition, because the only hope of re-entering the institute is to win it.

A little later, chefs DeLobel and Rossetti announce the subject of the final test: each brigade will have to create a pastry decor around a set theme that will be revealed on the big day.

Aware of Chef Rossetti’s interest in floral cuisine and Chef DeLobel’s passion for Japan, Teissier suggests his brigade train against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. This gives ideas to Kelly, who agrees to train in this direction. If Maya their coach is too confident, Salome thinks it’s a simple hypothesis.

Meanwhile, DeLabel receives an anonymous message warning him that the final test items have been leaked. He talks to Rosset about it to determine the procedure to follow to prevent cheating. The chef offers to look around the kitchen to check what the crews have decided to train on.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, Jimmy and Landiras think of a pastry shop to practice on. From the beginning of the competition, Jasmine noticed that all the recipes they had to make during the events were related to Brittany. So he decides to draw on this common thread and offers training around the Breton beach.

While everyone goes to work, Maya goes to the preserve to get some packages of pistachio nuts. He runs into Malik, who has taken everyone away. Maya tries to convince him to give it to her. prompting Malik to ask nicely. A young girl manages to steal the package from him and runs away with it, and Malik follows her and finally returns it. Now Maya is annoyed and calls Malik a liar and a coward. The tension reaches its peak when Malik tells his rival that he really wants to kiss her. To Maya’s surprise, the young man gives her a pistachio and leaves.

In the kitchen, DeLobel and Rossetti watch Kelly’s brigade at work. They find themselves practicing on the subject of the final test – a cherry blossom tree – just as Delaub is alerted to the leak. So he claims Teissier lied. The latter defends himself by saying that he simply guessed the subject of the test. But this does not convince DeLobele, who decides to kick him out of the competition. From now on, Kelly’s brigade will have to continue without a coach…

Vicky helps Mehdi

In the studio, Mehdi is working on a trompe-l’oeil candy concept, which he will soon have to present to a professional jury in the master’s case. He gives Hortense his giant licorice. Even if he succeeds, Mehdi believes he needs to take his ideas even further and explore the whole retro side of cooking. Together with his wife, he only thinks about the dessert menu.

Mehdi makes strawberry spheres for starters and dessert. Hortense tastes and approves. For dessert, Mehdi makes chocolate and coffee spheres. Hortense notes that the latter flavor is a bit adult. Mehdi celebrates her return, then confesses that she has no idea for her dessert dish. He suggests following the advice that Hortense uses when she lacks inspiration: take a walk.

Back at the studio after the walk, Mehdi and Hortense discover a plate of green and brown spheres. Upon tasting, they recognize the combination of caramelized pecans, green apples, and yuzu—a combination that would be perfect for a dessert dish on Mehdi’s menu. The couple then sets out to find out who made the recipe.

Enzo comes in to help them figure out who is behind the plate. Hortense and Mehdi make some assumptions when Vicky joins them. He finally admits to them that he is the one who made the plate. Mehdi is very impressed with his level. Vicki is very happy.

Cardon is looking for the culprits

Although Antoine relies on Cardon to run the open day, he has other concerns and is tasked with taking care of everything.

Later, Cardone takes Antoine to the boarding house and is surprised to find that there are banners hanging on the railings exposing his tyrannical behavior. Infuriated, Cardone instructs the Deputy Director to remove them immediately while he searches for the person responsible. Witnessing the scene, Billy is amused.

Later, Cardone joins the students at Double A. If Leonard and Berenia are worried about being burned, Bill is completely convinced. The principal accuses the students of slander, but finally declares that he is not going to look for the culprits in order to punish them. He says their academic achievements are important to him.

Afterwards, Cardoni finds Livio in the park to hear the general reaction of the students after his speech. When he heard they had calmed down, Cardone congratulated himself. He intends to trap the culprits: by offering students a vote on their course, he is sure that students who want to attack him will use the opportunity to launch a new attack against him. In this way, they mask themselves. For this, Cardone obviously counts on the help of Livio, who assures him without reservation.

Source: Allocine

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