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3 reasons that could get you banned from Netflix

Few people read Netflix’s Terms of Use, but the service makes it very clear what you can’t do if you want to keep your account active

Being banned from a service is always a very complicated situation, often because the user doesn’t even know exactly what caused the termination of the contract. A Netflix has very clear terms of use on this matter, listing the reasons that give the company the right to simply delete your account and access to the streaming.

The problem is that not everyone reads these terms of use and may not understand exactly what they can’t do if they want to keep their Netflix account active. The reasons are very clear and those who normally use the service need not worry, but if you are curious to know what could get you banned from Netflix, this is the right time to find out.

What could cause you to lose your Netflix account?  (Image: Tomasi/Pixabay)

3. Record and sell Netflix content

One of the main points of a video streaming service is access to the account to be able to play the content offered. Registering this content to share it with people who don’t have an account or to have some kind of monetary benefit, such as selling or renting movies and series, is the quickest way to get kicked off the service.

How does Netflix know that you have recorded and shared your content? Not exactly. The platform has some barriers that prevent recording and screenshotting of your website and applications, however there are tools that bypass these impediments.

No recording of Netflix films and series (Image: Netflix)

However, the terms of use that subscribers accept when subscribing to Netflix clearly talk about recording their content, which is prohibited without the company’s authorization.

It’s worth mentioning that the argument of screen recording for offline viewing fails with the feature Netflix provides for downloading videos via its mobile application. If you get caught recording content and sharing it with other people, you will lose access to your account, as well as face a huge piracy lawsuit.

2. Change the service code

Besides registration, another reason to ban your account is to try to change the service code. This is a bit more complicated point, but it makes sense when you think about the possible add-ons to avoid advertising in the cheapest subscription or try to access higher quality versions of content than contractually possible. Going to the extreme, to the point of finding loopholes to download content.

Changing your account experience can lead to a ban (Image: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels)

The idea is that by taking any action that changes how Netflix’s code works, you’re almost attacking the service itself. Just as it is not possible to change the price of products at the supermarket, it is logical that it is not possible to change the basic structure of streaming.

1. Shared account

A very sensitive point for many subscribers is password sharing. Years ago Netflix allowed you to lend your password to friends to watch its various films and series, to the point of making jokes about it. But, in 2023, he decided to put an end to this party, implementing a system that prevents users outside his address from being able to watch anything.

Despite numerous criticisms, with the new rule the number of subscribers has increased, as has the company’s revenue, which in addition to new subscriptions, also allows users to pay an additional fee on their accounts so that other people can access them.

Take care of your account (Image: Play/Mollie Sivaram)

However, in the terms of use of the service, there is an entry that talks about the responsibility for activities on your Netflix account. When you pass your password to someone else, you are responsible for any changes made to your account, whether made by you or by someone else.

Netflix posts a notice that we may cancel or suspend your account to protect you, the company or partners from misrepresentations and other fraudulent activity.

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