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33 years ago this little boy made a grimace in this brilliant comedy, today he is an international star: did you know him?

Today, it is essential in the Hollywood landscape. For more than three decades, Jake Gyllenhaal has worked for the greatest cinematographers, from David Fincher (Zodiac) to Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) through Roland Emmerich (After the Day), Ang Lee (The Secret of Brokeback Mountain) or Bong Joon. Yes (okja). We think we know everything about the actor, but do you know which movie he made his debut in when he was just ten years old?

The first appearance of Jake Gyllenhaal on the screen (who wanted to play the iconic superhero) was in the credits of the excellent comedy “Life, Love, Cow”. If you’re not familiar with this movie, then catch up fast because it’s a little nugget that does a lot of good!

Released in theaters in 1991, Life, Love, Cows tells the story of Mitch, a city dweller in the midst of an existential crisis, who decides to go on vacation with Phil and Ed, his two best friends. But not everywhere: in the Midwest, take a herd of cows from New Mexico to Colorado! An adventure that will allow three forty-year-olds to meet again and, above all, to analyze their lives.

Featuring the hilarious trio of Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern and the late Bruno Kirby, Life, love cows is a deeply sympathetic “western comedy”. Very funny, catchy, full of rhythm and good humor, this great entertainment also gives the chance to see the legendary Jack Palance in the delicious role of the lonely cowboy that won him an Oscar.

A memorable scene for little Jake

And therefore, in Life, love, cowsis very young Jake Gyllenhaal, who isn’t just an extra, as he plays, for several sequences, Danny Robbins, Mitch’s son. Her most memorable scene? The one where, so embarrassed by his father’s job (an advertising salesman at a local radio station), he introduces him to the class as… a submarine commander! A depressing monologue follows Billy Crystal It was both funny and embarrassing in front of the shocked school children. Find it below!

“There’s a lot of things from my childhood that I don’t remember, but if there’s one thing that I remember in detail, it’s filming Life, Love, Cows.It was announced in 2016 Jake Gyllenhaal on Mic from The Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a brilliant film that I felt comfortable in.”

If you are fans Jake Gyllenhaal, the latest Road House star on Prime Video, cheers! The American actor, now 43, will appear on June 12 in “Presumed Innocent.” The Apple TV+ series, whose story is already at the heart of Harrison Ford’s thriller, tells the story of a brilliant prosecutor who is accused of murdering a young and ambitious colleague with whom he recently had a passionate affair.

Trailer for Apple TV+ series “Presumed Innocent” starring Jake Gyllenhaal:

Source: Allocine

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