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A bit too much: 3 million records… a sequel planned by Artus?

A Little More, a crazy comedy directed by Artus, continues to be a hit in France! After almost 3 weeks of release, the feature film has already crossed the 3 million participation mark!

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A feel good movie

The story follows a son and his father who are on the run to escape from the police. The latter are forced to find shelter in a summer camp for young people with disabilities, posing as a resident and his specialized educator.

The beginning of trouble and a wonderful human experience that will change them forever. Note that Artus filmed with real actors with disabilities. “I didn’t have any specific criteria, I wasn’t closed for anything, for any disability, but I wanted personalities. And then you have to work between them to form the best team. In total, I “I” saw about fifty candidates’he explained.

Word of mouth is great, according to Pan Distribution’s David Beaudry. “No audience is left indifferent to it, they spend a happy time with this team and share it in packed rooms, in a communion specific to cinema.”he told us.

In turn, Artus returned to the success of the film in columns Parisian : “In the current climate and all the horrors we experience when we turn on the TV, I think people needed a feel-good movie, sunshine, kindness, friendship.”he emphasized.

Continuation of the project?

A Little Something Extra is becoming a true phenomenon, does the film’s director and comedian plan a sequel? Given the comedy score that complements all the intrigue, the feature film wasn’t designed to generate more episodes. However, Artus does not close the door.

It’s not out of the question, but we really need to find the right idea.

“It’s not out of the question, but we really need to find the right idea”He pointed out. “The cool thing is that I don’t have to worry about financing a second or even a third film.”Artus then joked.

To the end and beyond?

At this rate, A Little Something Plus should quickly reach 5 million admissions, beating last year’s biggest French success, Guillaume Canet’s Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom (4.6 million).

In any case, it will quickly surpass Dune 2’s 4 million and can even take the title of such phenomena as La Famille Bélier (7.45 million in 2014) or why not Le Dîner de cons (over 9 million in 1998).

While waiting to begin work on a possible sequel, the Un p’tit truc en plus team will hit the Cannes Film Festival steps on Wednesday night as part of a screening of The Count of Monte Cristo with Pierre Nini.

Source: Allocine

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