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A Better Life: Are Abdel and Barbara responsible for the destruction of Mistral? This extract raises doubts

This is the mystery that has driven fans of Plus belle la vie since the start of the series on TF1: what really happened during the collapse of Mistral, and above all, what happened to Abdel Fedala during this tragic event?

When the first episode of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle aired last January, viewers actually learned that Barbara’s husband had disappeared, without knowing the circumstances of the event. Almost 6 months after the start, the writers decided to give the answer in the story to start.

Are Barbara and Abdel responsible for the destruction of Mistral?

In the extract of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle episode 99 published online on the TF1+ platform, Barbara is the victim of a wave of harassment. He and Abdel are accused of being responsible for the collapses. Babette doesn’t believe it.

He takes Barbara’s phone to check the messages and notices that one of the internet users has sent a link to a MarsNews article. Babette explains to him that most of the articles are “fakes”.

Barbara is surprised to read the article. It is written that they did some work in the basement and that is what caused the collapse. “The Evenot-Fedala couple would be at the forefront of the January 2023 collapse that would cost Mr. Fedala his life.– reads Barbara crying.

The couple allegedly carried out renovation work in their basement without any permission.Babette advises Barbara to file a complaint. He must react before it goes too far.

What really happened in January 2023?

In this Wednesday, May 22 episode, we find out that Barbara is feeling guilty because she wasn’t there when Abdel died. He and Yael were away when the tragedy happened.

But Barbara doesn’t know that bones have been found in the couple’s basement. Therefore, the police will start an investigation to find out what really happened.

Did Abdel have a fight on the day he died? Who owns the body found at work? Answer Plus belle la vie in the next episodes, even plus belle.

Source: Allocine

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