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Tonight on TV: As powerful as Apocalypse Now or Anatomy of the Fall, this is one of the most beautiful Palme d’Ors

François is a young French teacher at a difficult college. He does not shy away from challenging Esmeralda, Suleiman, Khumba and others in stimulating verbal spats as if language itself were the real issue. But learning democracy sometimes involves real risks.

This pitch is Entre les Murs, an incredible immersion into the daily life of a 4th grade class in the Paris region. Directed by the late Laurent Cante, who passed away a few weeks ago, this brilliant feature film, a veritable ode to dialogue, is a great moment in cinema, rich, funny and exciting. A true success, fully deserving of the Palme d’Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, a prize unanimously awarded by Sean Penn and his jury.

between the walls Adapted from the novel by François Begoteau, published in 2006 by Editions Verticales. In this highly acclaimed work, winner of the French Culture-Teleram Prize, the author draws on his own experience as a French language teacher at the 19th arrondissement college in Paris. And because you’ll never be better served than you, he’s the one who plays the professor in the feature film, which gathered more than 1.6 million viewers in theaters.

“Show the school as a sounding board”

“Before filming by the sideI had an idea to make a film about college life.”– says the director Laurent Kante. “Very quickly, the project was established to never go beyond the boundaries of the institution. More and more people talk about the “healing” of the school, on the contrary, I wanted to show it as a sounding board, a place that is disrupted by turbulence. A world, a microcosm, where issues of equality or inequality of opportunity, labor and power, cultural and social integration and exclusion are very concretely portrayed.

“At the exit by the sideI met Francois Begoteau who at the same time presented his new book Entre les Murs”continues Cantetta. “I read the book and I immediately had the feeling that it brought two things to my initial project: first, the material, a kind of documentary basis that I lacked (…) and above all, the character of François, his very direct relationship with the students.”

Don’t hesitate for a second and dive in between the walls This class will give you a unique cinema experience. You will definitely walk away shocked from this wonderful movie about human relationships. inevitable.

Tonight on France 5 at 21:05.

Our interview with Laurent Cante for Entre les Murs:

Source: Allocine

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