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Where is “Bridgerton” filmed? The real places you can visit to feel like you’re in line

The first part of “Brigerton” season 3 has been gripping audiences since its premiere on Netflix on May 16. So much so, that fans are looking for answers as to how Colin and Penelope’s story could end according to the books, series details that reveal more information about the characters and even make the leap beyond the screen.

Although the stories of the sisters are completely fictional and based on Julia Quinn’s books, they take some details from real events, such as the appearance of Queen Charlotte, the Regency era in the United Kingdom and, of course, the locations where the series is set. was filmed.

Where was Bridgerton filmed?

The Netflix series was filmed in various locations across England, each of which contributed to the Regency era atmosphere in which the story takes place.

For the exterior of the Bridgerton family residence, for example, the mansion known as Ranger’s House, located in Greenwich, London, is used.

Interestingly, the interiors of Bridgerton’s house were filmed elsewhere, at Halton House, which is located in Buckinghamshire.

Although in the series the Bridgerton house and the Featherington house are opposite each other, in real life this is not the case: the residence used to show the interior of Penelope’s house is called Hatfield House and is located in Hertfordshire, England .

The Holburne Art Museum in Bath serves as the setting for Lady Danbury’s home. This historic building, with its neoclassical architecture and art collection, has served as the perfect location for scenes from the life of the woman responsible for pulling the strings of society.

The most avid readers of ‘Lady Whistledown’ will certainly recognize the Royal Crescent in Bath, except that, in the world of ‘Bridgerton’, this set of houses serves as the backdrop of Mayfair.

The Full Moon Dance, seen in the first episodes of ‘Brigerton’ season 3, was filmed at Osterley Park and House, located on the west side of London.

For its part, the Innovations Ball, organized by Lord Hawkins, was filmed at Grimsthorpe Castle, located in Lincolnshire, England and open to visitors.

When does the second part of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 premiere?

The second part of the 3rd season of ‘Brigerton’ will arrive on Netflix on June 13, 2024. Like the first part, it will consist of 4 chapters, which will serve as the end of the events presented in the first .

Would you like to know the locations where ‘Bridgerton’ was filmed in real life? Tell us in the comments.

Source: univision

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