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Influencers blast Bia Miranda by releasing compromising audio; Listen

Bia Miranda has released audio in which she humiliates people

This Tuesday, 21st, influencer Lia Mersi AND Thiago Guimarãeswho participated in the reality show Casa Bia Mirandacreated a performance with alleged audio from the former Fazenda, in which he had humiliated some of the participants.

In the recordings, the ex-girlfriend gets emotional and says she has no obligation to pay for tickets for those who don’t live in Rio de Janeiro, as well as telling those who would be “fed up” with reality TV to keep their finger in their ass.

“I don’t know if you wanted to make fun of me, but I’ll tell you one thing: there’s no shortage of money. Especially since you know me. But we don’t have to pay for your ticket, right? The one who doesn’t have it is you, it’s not me, if I want I pay 30 [pessoas], but I do not want. It’s not my obligation”Bia said in one of the audios in question.

“Are you sick of the house? Stick your finger up your ass, man. And hold on! Wasn’t that the contract you signed, to stay three months? So that’s it, son. Now don’t come here and throw the bucket, throw the bucket, hold on”, he said in another audio released by Thiago.

The Casa Bia Miranda reality show was supposed to welcome 25 influencers to compete in competitions and dynamics. The first edition ended on Monday 20th. Bia has not yet commented on the above.

Source: Terra

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