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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 22 May 2024 Episode 1691 [SPOILERS]


Wednesday 22 May Tomorrow belongs to us…

Did Soraya’s neighbor attack her?

From Spawn, where Bart threw a party in Reno’s honor, Soraya returns to Gabriel, where she has just moved. Upon landing, he finds the door to his neighbor Grigor’s apartment open and techno music playing loudly. Soraya walks in to find the apartment completely ransacked with blood on the floor. Suddenly someone comes behind him and puts a handkerchief soaked in chloroform on his mouth. After a struggle, Soraya finally passes out and falls to the ground. During his fight, the tulip-shaped pins he wore on his coat came undone.

The next morning, Soraya suddenly wakes up with a terrible headache. He notices that he is on the sofa. Gabrielle explains to her that she found him there sleeping, fully clothed, around 2am. As she was sleeping soundly, he did not want to wake her up. As she gets up, Soraya begins to remember what happened when she got home. Gabriel, who did not hear any noise from his neighbor’s apartment, thinks that his girlfriend has drunk too much and is having a nightmare.

Soraya meets Victoire for coffee at the Spoon. She admits to him that she doesn’t remember falling asleep on the couch. Victoire confirms that she didn’t drink much the day before and suggests that she’s just overwhelmed. However, he says that Grigol was treated in the emergency room during the night shift. The young man suffered facial injuries after being attacked on the street by someone who wanted to take his wallet. Soraya tries to convince herself that it’s just a coincidence.

In the office, Rafael noticed a tear on Soraya’s coat. She discovers that her tulip-shaped pin is missing. It reminds him of the battle of the previous day. He then pretends to have a date and immediately returns home looking for his pin. But the object remains elusive. Also back, Gabriel tries to comfort his girlfriend.

After which Soraya finds Nor with a spoon. The latter quickly returned from the United States to attend Reno’s funeral. That being said, Soraya notices that her sister seems happy. Noor confides in her that she has a secret love. At the same time, Nur noticed a bruise above Soraya’s lip.

In the evening, on her way home, Soraya meets Grigol in the lobby of their building. He notices a cut on his face. Grigor tells her about the attack he suffered the day before, then asks if he still bothers her with his music. But Soraya is suddenly alarmed when she sees Grigor wearing the same ring as her attacker from the day before. He claims he forgot to take something to the car, the heat…

Farewell to Marianna Reno

At the villa, Victoire joins William and Samuel as they prepare for Reno’s funeral. Victoria helps him with his former tie. She worries about his addiction problems, especially since Reno was so proud of her progress in treatment. Samuel promises not to dive again.

At Delcourt, Marianne gives Chloe a present that Reno prepared for her. This is a pendant that represents the Greek god of medicine. Chloe is deeply troubled.

At the funeral, Mariana gives a long speech to honor the love of her life. Collapsed, he took refuge in the arms of his loved ones. Samuel joined them.

After the ceremony, everyone gathers at Delcourt’s house. Victoire talks to Samuel while Marianne is isolated with her grandson. He ends up telling Chloe that he’d rather leave. Mariana drives the car that Renault gave her.

They took Lilu by the hand

In high school, Bastien suggests to Violet that they sell an expensive bag that Lilu gave to raise money for the association. Violet has an idea to sell it on a second hand site.

After a while, Francois surprises Melody on this famous site. He notices a bag that has just been posted online and decides to buy it to give to Soizic at lunch. However, the latter quickly notices that it is a fake.

Back at school, François warns Bastien that the bag is fake. The young man promises that he did not know about it. François believes and does not ask for compensation, he supports his association. Violet, who overheard their conversation, is furious with Lilu. Bastien is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Later, Violet confronts Lilu, accompanied by Bastien. The girl apologizes and claims she didn’t know her bag was fake. He says that his cousin gave him a long time ago. Bastien points out the discrepancy because Lilu said her mother gave it to her. Once Lilu leaves, Violetta hopes that Bastien has finally opened his eyes to her.

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