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In what order did the Bridgerton brothers marry? It wasn’t because of age.

Bridgerton’s saga, written by Julia Quinn, has captivated readers around the world with its blend of romance and drama. The story follows the eight Bridgerton brothers as they search for love in the high society of Regency-era London. Although Netflix has only shown the happy endings of two of them so far, here you can find out exactly what year they each got married according to the books.

The Bridgerton marriages were revealed in the pages of Julia Quinn

Daphne Bridgerton

As shown by the streaming company, Daphne is getting married to the handsome Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett. Both pretend to be engaged for mutual convenience, but soon fall in love, and in 1813, the year Daphne presented herself to the queen as a woman ready for marriage, they are married.

Anthony Bridgerton

Holding a viscount title, Anthony wishes to find a perfect wife. According to Netflix’s second season, he first sets his sights on Edwina Sharma, a young woman described by the queen as her “jewel of the season.” However, young Bridgerton ends up falling in love with Kate Sharma.

In the end he admits his feelings and in the book “The Viscount Who Loved Me” it is mentioned that Anthony reaches the altar in 1814, just a year after his sister.

Benedict Bridgerton

Although the third season of Netflix will show Colin getting married before Benedict, in the story volume “I Give You My Heart” it is revealed that Benedict is actually the one who will marry Sophie Beckett in 1817.

One of the reasons why it’s three years after the last family wedding is that their love story unfolds over a longer period of time, as it’s important to remember that although Benedict meets his future wife at a masquerade party, he doesn’t he knew Due to the streaming company changes, he could be the fourth Bridgerton to marry, but only time will tell.

Francesca Bridgerton

You will be surprised to learn that this young member of the Bridgertons married John Sterling in 1818, a year after her brother Benedict. It is important to note that she remarried a second time in 1824, when John died, to Michael Stirling, a cousin of the deceased, who had always been in love with Francesca.

Colin Bridgerton

Currently, his romantic story is the most viral on the Internet due to the premiere of the third season of the series, which shows how after several years, Colin falls in love with his best friend Penelope Featherington, who was rejected by men in high society.

In Julia Quinn’s books it is specified that the two ended up getting married in the year 1824, specifically when Colin was 33 and Penelope was 28. Best of all, in the upcoming episodes of the series that will premiere in June, we will definitely be able to see this romantic scene.

Eloise Bridgerton

The young aristocrat who stood out for her refusal to marry due to social imposition is transformed in the books, because as soon as she sees Colin marry his best friend Penelope, she wishes the same and puts her hopes on Sir Phillip, a man with whom she keeps in touch . through letters.

After meeting him, she lives with him and takes care of her twin children, falls in love with the former widower and, in turn, reciprocates her feelings by joining their lives in marriage in the same year as her brother, 1824.

Hyacinth Bridgerton

The youngest Bridgerton sister is inducted into British high society in time and ends up standing out for her intelligence and beauty. Although he finds balls boring and no one can get his attention, this changes when he meets Gareth St. Clair, who turns out to be Lady Danbury’s grandson and Gregory Bridgerton’s best friend.

Fortunately for her, this young man turned out to be her better half and to formalize the union Gareth asks Anthony, Hyacinth’s older brother, for permission to marry her, so they officially do so in 1825, when she is only 23 years.

Gregory Bridgerton

In the eighth book, Looking for a Woman, it tells how Gregory Bridgerton, the youngest member of the family, notices a young woman named Hermione Watson while attending a party. The girl’s best friend, Lucinda Abernathy, promises to help him win her back.

During the process, Gregory realizes that he doesn’t really have feelings for Hermione, but for Lucy, but unfortunately for him, she is engaged to someone else. With the idea of ​​not losing her, he intervenes in this relationship and succeeds, as they marry in 1827. He is the young Bridgerton with the most children, ending up with 9!

Source: univision

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