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Switch 2 using DLSS to deliver 4K and 30 FPS is a waste

Nintendo Switch 2 with DLSS 3 can play 4K graphics at 30 FPS, but forcing development in that direction would be a poor use of NVIDIA’s upscaling tool

In a recent video that analyzes the alleged characteristics of Nintendo Switch2the analyst team hardware of Digital Foundry concluded that the next console of Nintendo yes, I would be capable of it provide gaming in 4K and 30 FPS. However, using NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 to force such large textures, compromising fluidity, would be a poor choice on the part of the development teams.

To date, very little is known about his successor NintendoSwitchdespite different The well-documented leaks give a good idea of ​​what to expect.

Based on these projections, the Digital Foundry channel made a comparison of what the chip is NVIDIA Tegra T239which reportedly powers the Switch 2, would be capable of doing so.

4K and 30 FPS are a waste of DLSS

In creating a system that emulates the theoretical performance of the Switch 2, Digital Foundry has been hard at work Stranded Death to test the DLSS 3 limits in terms of frame generation scaling. The simple conclusion is that the available resources are not capable of scaling graphics from 720p to 4K above 30 FPS, as texture generation is extremely heavy, adding almost 20 milliseconds to the rendering of each frame.


Now moving on to the limited scaling at QuadHD (1440p), the additional frametime is only 7.7 milliseconds, already quite reasonable and easily allows frame rates of 60 FPS.

At the same time, Nintendo tends to strive to ensure maximum fluidity, at least in internally developed games, such as Zelda: Tears of the Realm. Furthermore, many partner studios, such as Platinum (Astral Chain AND Bayonet) and Monolith (Xenoblade Chronicles) follow the same line.


Therefore, even if the Switch 2 can generate 4K graphics locked at 30 FPS, not only would this constitute a poor use of DLSS 3’s capabilities, but it would also go against Nintendo’s development practices and the industry itself.

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