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The final season of Sweet Tooth has a new trailer; clock

The third and final season of Sweetness, a series adapted from DC Comics comics, received a new trailer this Tuesday (21). Excitingly, the excerpt released by Netflix summarizes the plot of the series and shows Gus (Christian Convery) facing the responsibility of being the first hybrid.

Sweetness follows the saga of Gus (Christian Convery), a boy trying to survive in an apocalyptic world after part of humanity dies due to a pandemic.

At the same time as the epidemic caused the death of countless human beings, another strange thing happened: the children born during the catastrophe arrived with characteristics of other animals, becoming so-called hybrids and becoming targets of hunting. Not only is Gus one of these hybrids, but he was the first to give rise to the species.

All episodes of the first two seasons of Sweetness are still available on Netflix.

Sweet Tooth’s post-finale season gets a new trailer; the watch first appeared on Olhar Digital.

Source: Olhar Digital

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