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Why was Eloise covering her hand the whole time in Season 3? It wasn’t about fashion

In the “Bridgerton” universe, it seems that even the smallest detail is calculated to hide symbolism or reveal important plot points. Such is the case with the characters’ costumes, which often reflect their inner world or the changes they go through.

However, this is not always the case. In Season 3, Eloise Bridgerton often covered her arm (which was made more apparent when, in one episode, she is seen with some sort of covering on a summer walk). This was not meticulously planned, but rather the result of an accident that his actress, Claudia Jessie, had in real life and on the set of the Netflix series.

Actress Eloise Bridgerton had an accident on the set of the series

The incident happened just as filming for the third season of “Bridgerton” began.

Jessie, 34, recalled in an interview with Stephen Colbert that, to celebrate the show’s return, she did a high kick in the air.

What she may not have considered was how her wardrobe would restrict her: because her skirt wasn’t as full, it made her fall backwards. When it landed, it landed on one of his wrists.

Although she initially wanted to think and pretend that everything was fine, she soon realized the great pain she would suffer: “Suddenly, I heard a ringing that went from one ear to the other,” said Claudia Jessie. Additionally, actress Eloise Bridgerton briefly lost her hearing from the shock of the moment.

Actress Eloise Bridgerton’s accident caused her to break her wrist. As he explained, a part of his bone split.

‘Brigerton’ covered Claudia Jessie’s cast with costumes and sets

As expected, actress Eloise Bridgerton had to wear a cast as part of her treatment and recovery.

However, this posed a ‘problem’ for the recording of the series, as in the Regency era in which the series is set, there were no plaster casts, according to Jessie.

So the production team had to resort to one of the most well-known tricks in television: covering her doll with costumes and props. That is why in many shots we see Eloise wearing “summer sleeves” (despite the heat of the season) or covering her hand with fans or other accessories.

“This was actually supposed to be called the summer sleeve. application we invented it. We said, ‘It’s the summer sleeve, of course,’” he said with a laugh.

What do you think about Claudia Jessie’s accident on the set of ‘Bridgerton’? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: univision

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