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‘Brigerton’ fans find historical mistakes in series: acrylic nails, botox and more

The Netflix series “Brigerton” is characterized by romantic scenes, family dramas and charismatic characters. However, in recent days, some fans have pointed out historical errors they found in season three

The word “Brigerton” has been trending on social media, but not for good reasons, as viewers of the series showed their anger by noticing subtle details of the characters related to the world of beauty, which, according to the story, could not it’s possible.

Fans accuse the ‘Bridgerton’ series of not being historically accurate

One character wears acrylic nails

For example, TikTok user @audigasmsss made a video focusing on Penelope Featherington’s hands, as he noticed that she has acrylic nails, an element that would be out of step with the time and historical context in which the plot takes place.

“Normally I don’t care about stuff like this, but why does she have acrylic nails? Don’t play with me now. Why does she have acrylics? What’s going on?”

The presence of acrylic nails on a character from the English Regency has sparked a heated debate between those who believe there is nothing wrong with Penelope getting her nails done and those who believe it is an “unforgivable” historical mistake.


This blew my mind because this was my nail inspo??😭😭😭😭 #bridgertonseason3

♬ original sound – Audi Laurent|YT:Audi Laurent🌻

Francesca uses false eyelashes

On Twitter, user @feversequence pointed out that Francesca Beidgerton has false eyelashes and even eyeshadow on her eyelid, which could not be done because in the 19th century at least the first beauty object did not exist.

“Why does she have smoky eyes and fake eyelashes?”

Soon, other netizens agreed with her and added that, in fact, other female characters also wear them to highlight their eyes, which they appreciated because it brings out the beauty of the actresses even more.

Colin has botox?

The star of the third season of ‘Brigerton’ has become the current heartthrob of the entire internet, but a TikToker reported that when he analyzes the youngster’s face, he gets the impression that Luke Newton has botox.

“At first I wondered what’s going on with Colin Bridgerton’s face? Then I realized he’s not moving. So Colin definitely has Botox. I’m not against Botox, but for a romantic lead, the lack of facial expressions really rubs off on me.”

He then clarified that his intention was not to criticize the actor who plays Colin, for personal cosmetic decisions, but rather to question the team’s strictness about the glamorous aspect of the show, in which many supported his view.


At first, I was like what’s up with Colin Bridgerton’s face? Then I realized he wasn’t moving. So Colin definitely has botox. I’m not anti botox but for a romantic lead the lack of facial expressions really gets me! ALSO, Francesca Bridgerton is autistic, which is pretty cool. #bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix

♬ original sound – Daryl | Sustainable Landscapes

What do you think about these signs? Tell us in the comments.

Source: univision

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