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The lack of police officers and employees calls into question the deadline and efficiency of CAC inspections by the PF

The lack of police officers and employees calls into question the deadline and efficiency of CAC inspections by the PF

The Government is considering the possibility of postponing the transfer of the activity to the Army so that the police can obtain resources and personnel to carry out the task; The deadline set by President Lula was January 2025

BRASÍLIA – The federal government is evaluating the possibility of postponing the transfer to the Federal Police (PF), scheduled for January, of the inspection activity of Hunters, Shooters and Collectors (CAC), currently the responsibility of the Army. Just over six months into the consolidation of the transition, there is still no resolution on strengthening the staff and police officers that the PF has asked to take charge.

The police requested 1,170 administrative employees, as well as 1,002 police officers (222 deputies, 195 psychologists and 585 agents) and 700 temporary workers, as noted by the Estadao. Two public competitions would be needed, one for public employees and the other for police officers, both parallel to the Unified National Competition (CNU), the Enem dos Concursos, postponed due to the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul.

The Army employs about 2,000 soldiers to monitor CACs and other controlled manufacturers. The total number of Federal Police personnel is approximately 14 thousand people.

The Ministry of Management and Innovation informs in the report that it is still “evaluating the request for authorization from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to hold a competition”. In a note, the Ministry also underlines that it has authorised, in 2023, the “exceptional filling of 201 vacant positions in the 2021 competition, calling for nominations to the positions of delegate (30), agent (90) and clerk”.

The hiring of administrative staff and the admission of external staff are considered fundamental so that the PF can, even if at a reduced pace, start its inspection activity. However, the deadline is considered tight to carry out the competition and employee training before January.

The hiring of temporary workers also depends on financial support for PFs to complete new contracts or contract changes, procedures that take months at a time. As regards the competition for police officers, the internal assessment is that they would only be available at the end of next year, even if authorization for the selection was released today.

Given budgetary and staffing obstacles, the scenario of postponing the transfer of supervision has begun to be considered in government sectors. In Congress, lawmakers who work in public safety also believe it will take more time.

The transfer was decided by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in a decree published in July 2023. The measure was based on the new government’s awareness that the Army would not be able to provide the service and that the PF would been more efficient. In the Army, the determination first and foremost caused discomfort because it represented a loss of attribution and power. Recently the assessment is that the military will be free from “problems”.

Source: Terra

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