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“Captivating, brilliant” or “the actor is very bad”: the number 1 series in the top 5 of Netflix divides the fans

“Captivating, brilliant” or “the actor is very bad”: the number 1 series in the top 5 of Netflix divides the fans

Number 1: The Bridgerton Chronicles

Penelope Fetherington has finally given up on longtime love Colin Bridgerton after she found out he had been making disparaging comments about her. However, she decided it was time to get a husband, preferably one who would give her enough independence to continue her double life as Lady Whistledown, away from her mother and sisters.

Viewer rating: 3.7/5

by Viintage_dreams T. (3.5/5)

A catchy series full of instrumental pop music we all know, exquisite actors from all over the world and love stories.

According to Aldogiroux (5/5)

The 3rd season is charming, brilliant, breathtaking, the wealth of dialogues is dizzying…! Imbued with humor, intelligence and elegance. In its genre, Season 3 deserves to take the time to enjoy and marvel at itself

According to Julie L. (3/5)

The third season is garbage with no name. where to start The costumes, make-up and hairstyles are not at all realistic for the time. The casting is disastrous, there is no chemistry between the two characters and the actor playing Colin is so bad! He plays terribly badly and does not show emotions. The character became a sad pervert Don Juan. This choice is incomprehensible! History has nothing to do with books anymore, and it’s a pity

why does it work

After a two-year wait, The Bridgerton Chronicle is finally back and is finding its fans right away. The series always delivers on its promises: it tells the blossoming of a love story with its ups and downs and, above all, its characters are less stereotypical than they seem. This season sees Penelope Fetherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) dating as they see their longtime friendship blossom into true love.

Number 2: Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

Darius Bowman, a dinosaur fan, visits Chalk Camp. The dinosaurs manage to break free and wreak havoc and destruction.

Viewer rating: 3.7/5

According to RandomCookie (4.5/5):

“Series with lots of suspense and action (first episodes already finished) looking forward to the rest!”

According to Grigory Galig (4/5):

“I’m on episode 7 and honestly it’s still great. I hope there will be a few more seasons like Chalk Camp.”

According to Francois V (0.5/5): “

I didn’t like this series very much, both the pictures and the plot. Lots of screaming, crying…”

why does it work

After Camp Chalk, a new animated series born out of the world imagined by author Michael Crichton, is a hit on Netflix. Proof of subscribers’ appetite for dinosaurs. With the success of the Jurassic World movies, the platform is attracting a younger audience. But it does not forget the fans of Spielberg’s feature films, because the title “Chaos Theory” echoes the character of Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Number 3: 8 shows

Eight people trapped in a mysterious eight-story building participate in a tempting but dangerous game show in which their winnings increase over time.

Viewer Rating: 3.5/5

According to Sandra Segard (4/5)

I don’t understand the bad reviews, however this series touches on a lot of themes in our current society, you just have to watch it properly. Thanks, that makes you think

According to No. B (4/5)

For my part, I was completely hooked on this series, which I found refreshing and thought-provoking. It’s a change from the usual romcom in the K-drama world. Like Murderer’s Paradox or Hansel and Gretel, Korean cinema knows how to show the scary and captivate its audience..”

According to Clé Ly (4/5)

This series traumatized me and not a little! Sensitive souls beware! The concept is a bit (a lot) pumped up by “Squid Game” (at least as far as launch is concerned) and “Platform”. In the end, even if the idea is Squid Game, the story is still very different, because it is 1000 times more disturbing, infuriating and disgusting. This is a pure Korean psychopath scenario. Just when we think we’ve seen the worst, the next episode shows us that it was actually just the beginning.

why does it work

With its Squid Game decor (we saw a copy and paste of pink stairs!), The 8 Show was sure to pique curiosity. Its presence in the top 5 in the third position two weeks after its release is not surprising. Also interesting is the topic: denunciation of reality television with social criticism of the economic violence that is being done to people in South Korea. It doesn’t seem to experience the same flights of fancy as Squid Game, even though it has a strong message.

Number 4: Thank you and see you next time!

After a painful breakup, a young lawyer plunges into the confusing world of modern dating with the unwavering support of her best friends.

Viewer rating: 3.4/5

According to Mack (5/5):

“Comedy with the right emotions. The characters are well-characterized, the actors are likable, the episodes can be watched without the slightest bit of fatigue.”

According to Jean N (2.5/5):

“This is a Cuculapraline station romance with psychology à la ‘Jeune et Jolie’, sure to delight fans of the Bringerton Chronicles with the same wingspan!”

According to Fan (2/5):

“Really meh. After a lost thirtysomething whose only concern is boys and her only occupation is complaining about them, it’s average. Also, there’s absolutely no comic element, and the rom-com style is meant to be minimally amusing.”

why does it work

A third week in the top 5 thanks to and next, a Turkish romantic drama that still continues to fall in the rankings. The romantic stories of Leila (Serenay Sarikaya) still fascinate subscribers, and for good reason: the portrait of this betrayed woman who still tries to trust men is a universal theme.

Number 5: The fiasco

Raphael Wallande embarks on his first feature film: an adventure that spans the ages from prehistory to civilization, including the Vikings… to honor the heroic life of his resistant grandmother. But quickly, problems pile up and filming gradually turns into a nightmare. And for good reason: someone from the team is trying to sabotage his film from within…

Viewer rating: 3.2/5

According to Tom C. (3.5/5)

“Now we give the word, we smile, we breathe, sometimes we laugh hard. But actually, after watching it, we realize that it’s really funny, the lines are very strong. Nin is still going strong, Civil , Nakache, Demolon, it’s a hell of a group, led by Gotesman again. It’s a shame that He’s often overplayed, even if he does eventually sink in, it could have been better, the script too.

According to Adam67 (4/5)

Overall, “Fiasco” is a good series worth watching. It’s a mix of offbeat humor and authentic moments that gave me a big time.

by Hochartvincent (4.5/5)

Fiasco is a comedy that had me laughing from beginning to end. The actors were carefully selected and their acting was really excellent. The dialogues were lively and well written. In short, Fiasco is a film with good humor, entertaining and well made, which deserves to be watched!

why does it work

Fiasco manages to stay in the top five for another week. Pierre Niney’s “brand” still hits the mark with its schoolboy humor and prestigious casting. Mixed success overall for the series, which failed to integrate the charts of other non-French-speaking countries.

Source: Allocine

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