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24 personalities in one person: Split character really exists!

24 personalities in one person: Split character really exists!

In 2017, Split was released in our cinemas. A direct sequel to the excellent Unbreakable superhero trilogy and the second opus that Glass would complete a few years later, this thriller stars Kevin (James McAvoy), a troubled and troubled man. The latter suffers from the effects of dissociative identity disorder (DID): to deal with childhood traumas, he invented 24 personalities. And the last is a violent and bloodthirsty beast.

This story, in the imagination of its director M. Night Shyamalan, is partly inspired by the American Billy Milligan, who also suffers from DID. It is about his journey and trial that “It’s a True Story” tells you in this new episode. – From his youth to his first crimes, including the publication of the book that publicized his psychiatric case. good listening!

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