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‘Young Sheldon’ mistakes: 5 moments that contradict what we saw on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

‘Young Sheldon’ mistakes: 5 moments that contradict what we saw on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

“The Big Bang Theory” introduced us to Sheldon Cooper, an eccentric genius with unforgettable quirks. However, some of the things he cites as events in the iconic series are contradicted in “Young Sheldon.”

‘Young Sheldon’ Mistakes That Change The Character On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Sheldon lied when he said he had no friends growing up.

Ever since we met Sheldon Cooper on ‘The Big Bang Theory’, he has emphasized that during his childhood he never had a friend because of his character, which is what fans believed. However, when you watch ‘Young Sheldon’ it’s clear that the character’s approach is a lie.

In the first chapters of “Young Sheldon”, the protagonist seems essentially alone, but as the plot progresses this changes. He begins to befriend Tam, a boy from his school, and later Paige, a gifted girl who he initially sees as his rival.

Sheldon also bonds with his dorm neighbors and at one point, Paige asks him how he can have more friends than her, he cynically replies that he didn’t really want them, which would mean that in ‘The Big Bang Theory will disown them.

Sheldon’s relationship with his siblings is not so hostile

Missy and Georgie are Sheldon’s siblings and although they make few appearances on ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the prequel series stars them both.

In a case similar to the previous one, Sheldon explains to Leonard and his team that he has always had intense friction with his brothers. However, in the series showing his childhood, this is not entirely the case.

Although the adult Sheldon seems to have a bad relationship with both of them, in “Young Sheldon” there are several moments where both Missy and Georgie support him unconditionally, despite not fully understanding him.

Sheldon sings “Soft Kitty” in a moment when he’s not sick

On “The Big Bang Theory,” fans know that Sheldon Cooper has a lot of rules: don’t sit in his seat, don’t touch his food, don’t whistle and don’t sing “Soft Kitty” unless someone is sick.

The prequel series, “Young Sheldon,” generally follows this last rule, showing Sheldon’s mother singing the popular song to him when he’s sick. However, in the fourth season, this rule is broken by Sheldon himself, specifically when he learns to ride a bicycle, because to calm his nerves he ends up singing the composition.

Sheldon changed his father’s memories

It’s important to remember that Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory” describes his father as an alcoholic, football-loving, clumsy and absent family member in his upbringing, but not all of it is true.

In “Young Sheldon,” George Cooper is portrayed as a caring man who tries to get along with his son and raise him the best way possible, but he certainly doesn’t have a problem with beer.

Even as an adult, Sheldon claims that his father cheated on his mother with a blonde woman, but what he didn’t know is that the person he saw was actually his mother wearing a costume.

“The Big Bang Theory” never mentioned Dr. Sturgis

In the original series, “The Big Bang Theory,” it appears that some of the biggest influences in Sheldon’s life were Stephen Hawking, Professor Proton, and his grandfather. However, in no chapter does Sheldon mention Dr John Sturgis.

The character in question is a visiting physics professor at East Texas Tech who became a close mentor to the young Sheldon. Additionally, Sturgis had a relationship with MeeMaw, Sheldon’s grandmother. Despite his importance in the protagonist’s youth, the adult Sheldon seems to have completely forgotten about Sturgis and his influence.

What else do you think doesn’t fit the series? Tell us in the comments.

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