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Carlo Acutis |  The Patron Saint of the Internet has a new miracle recognized by the Pope

Carlo Acutis | The Patron Saint of the Internet has a new miracle recognized by the Pope

Blessed Carlo Acutis, known as the “Patron Saint of the Internet”, has had yet another miracle recognized by Pope Francis; understand the case

Pope Francis recognized yet another miracle of Carlo Acutis, known as the “patron saint of the Internet”, after the healing of a Costa Rican woman in 2022. The information was released with a decree of the Pope on the 23rd, according to the Vatican News website , and paved the way for the Blessed to be sanctified by the Catholic Church.

Acutis was born in London in 1991, but grew up and remained in Italy until his death in 2006, at just 15 years old, the victim of fulminant leukemia. The young man has dedicated a lot of time to devotion to the Catholic Church on the Internet, which is why he has become famous among religious people and has already had two miracles recognized by the Pope, one of them in Brazil. For this reason he could become the first “Saint of the Millennium” of the religious institution.

The Patron Saint of the Internet

Carlo Acutis grew up in Milan, Italy, and became a devotee of the Virgin Mary after making his first communion in the Catholic Church. In addition to faith, the young man was very interested in information technology, which led him to self-taught himself through books and research.

To combine the two interests, the young man created a website to evangelize people on the Internet and catalog miracles in the public domain – hence the name “Patron Saint of the Internet”. Acutis died on October 12, 2006, but left a great legacy in Catholicism for other devotees.

His body was buried in the city of Assisi, in the Umbria region of Italy. In 2019 he was exhumed and is displayed in the Sanctuary of Expropriation in the Italian city, dressed in ordinary teenage clothes, and attracts visits from the faithful.

The body of Carlo Acutis is displayed in a church in Assisi, Italy (Image: Dobroš/Wikimedia Commons)

The two miracles

Carlo Acutis was beatified in 2020 due to a miracle that occurred in Brazil, in the city of Campo Grande-MS. The second miracle occurred in 2022 and was recognized by the Pope in May this year.

Miracle in Brazil

Carlo Acutis has never visited the country, but he managed to perform a miracle in Brazil. In 2010, the boy Matheus, who suffered from an annular pancreas – a rare malformation that prevents a person from properly digesting solid food – was cured thanks to the influence of the patron saint of the Internet.

Father Marcelo Tenório, from the parish of São Sebastião, went to Italy and brought an item of clothing with Acutis’ blood, displayed during a mass in honor of the Blessed. Matheus came into contact with the tissue and, from that moment on, no longer had symptoms of the disease. After some tests the doctors confirmed that he was cured.

The episode was recognized by Pope Francis as a miracle and the Supreme Pontiff beatified Carlo Acutis in 2020.

Miracle in Costa Rica

The second miracle was the healing of a Costa Rican woman named Valeria, who had a cycling accident in Florence, Italy, while studying at the local university. The victim suffered severe head trauma and needed delicate surgery to remove part of the occipital bone and reduce pressure on the brain: doctors stressed that the surgery was difficult and had little chance of survival.

Liliana, Valeria’s mother, went to the tomb of Carlo Acutis in Assisi, left a letter and began to pray for the Blessed. Within ten days Valeria started breathing again without the aid of devices, she regained the ability to speak and got rid of the bleeding.

Pope Francis recognized the act as a miracle on May 23, and now Carlo Acutis can become a Saint for the Catholic Church. According to Reuters, the decision increased the number of visitors to the tomb in Italy. To continue the canonization process, the Supreme Pontiff will convene a consistory of cardinals to discuss the matter, according to Vatican News.

Source: News from the Vatican

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