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A More Beautiful Life: Jean-Paul Boher receives unexpected help in the investigation of the Mistral collapse

A More Beautiful Life: Jean-Paul Boher receives unexpected help in the investigation of the Mistral collapse

For several days now, the police have been trying to find out what really happened during the demolition of the Mistral neighborhood. Indeed, human bones were found in the basement of Barbara and Abdel’s former apartment.

According to experts, the victim died before the collapse of the building. who is this stranger What was he doing in the basement? And above all, who could kill him? The police officers of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle are trying to answer all these questions.

A safe found in the basement

For several days, Samuel (Inaki Lartigue) suspects that Blanche (Cecilia Hornus) has been lying to the police about her reasons for being in the building on that fateful day. In this Thursday, May 30 episode, the former professor confesses to the police that he approached his lover when the building collapsed.

But the police will make a new discovery that can change the cards. They actually find out that the safe was placed near the bones. Therefore, they will wonder if the victim could be a thief.

The latter could have used an explosive to open it, causing the building to collapse. Therefore, Jean-Paul (Stephane Hannon) and Samuel must find the six-digit code that will open the safe.

Boher plans to go to Mistral to question Barbara (Lea Francois), but the young woman has no idea what the safe may contain. The policeman asks her to try to guess the code, which prompts the young woman to immerse herself in happy memories with her husband. Unfortunately, all this will be in vain. So Boher finds help from another resident of Mistral.

Zoe helps Bohr

Yours extraction From episode 105 of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle, Jean-Paul finds himself at a dead end. No combination works and he can’t find an available expert. They will have to attack him like a grinder, they have no choice.

Just then, Zoe (Manon Chevalier) intervenes, having come from the police station to pick up her mother Ariane. “If I were you, I would immediately forget about it“- said the young girl. He knows such a model, and if they decide to cut it with a grinder, “is dead“.

Ariane is not too happy that her daughter is giving theft tips at the police station. But Jean-Paul is not ready to give up. He asks Zoe for details. “Basically, the slot can increase the temperature of the alloy inside the case by induction,” she explains to him, before adding:Then you tell me if you want to burn everything inside, go ahead…

Boher reveals that he needs to know what’s in the chest. Zoé explains to him that this is a problem with older models. “If you have lost the code or no longer have the emergency key, you are in serious trouble“.

Ariane interrupts this conversation. She doesn’t want her daughter to get into trouble. So he leaves the police station with Zoe. However, the latter informs Bohr to call him later. Will Zoe use her thieving skills with the police? Will he be able to help Bohr and Samuel in their investigation? Answer Plus belle la vie in the next episodes, even plus belle.

Source: Allocine

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