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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 29 May 2024 episode 1696 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 29 May 2024 episode 1696 [SPOILERS]


Wednesday 29 May Tomorrow belongs to us…

Grigor kidnaps a man in his house

After remembering that she saw someone supposedly dead at Grigoli’s the night before, the evening of her attack, Soraya is dying of worry for her sister, about whom she has nothing. He rushes to his upstairs neighbor’s house, where Noor explains to him that she spent the night. Soraya asks to speak with him in private. But Nuri refuses: if she has something to say to him, she must say it directly. Soraya changes her mind, then leaves.

He goes to the police station where he finds Victoire and Rafael. Soraya then tells Martin that she is sure that Gregory killed someone and that she saw his body on the ground before he passed out. The police commander believes that he cannot start a search based on such a vague memory. Raphael insists that he do something. Martin agrees to turn over Gregory’s phone for a week on the condition that he will not continue unless he finds something suspicious.

Meanwhile, Grigory is at Gabrielle’s with the spoon, complaining about Soraya’s behavior towards him. He tells the neighbor that his girlfriend broke into his house in the morning, apparently afraid that he would attack Noor. Gabriel understands her sadness and promises to talk to Soraya about it. Gregory says he’s ready to move if he doesn’t calm down.

Returning home with Victoire, Soraya meets a deliveryman who has arrived to deliver a package to Grigor. Among the bags, Soraya noticed that there were several boxes of canned ravioli. This surprises him because Gregory himself told him that he was a vegan. Then she thinks that this ravioli is not meant for her and she kidnaps someone.

To find out for sure, Victoire and Soraya go to the basement of the building. They are trying to open the locked door of Grigol’s building with a hammer. The latter catches them in the act, calls them crazy and accuses them of harassment. He finally lets them into his building to prove he has nothing to hide. And indeed, the girls notice that his cellar is empty. Grigor leaves after putting the drill on the shelf.

Meanwhile, Martin informs Rafael that Grigori’s phone was stuck at his house all evening when he said he was attacked on the street. If Rafael takes this information as proof that Grigori is lying, Martin thinks that he could have left the phone at home before going out. Raphael insists that his companion interrogate Grigor and pressure him.

At the office, Gabrielle confronts Soraya after Gregor gets on the phone. The latter told him what happened in the basement. Gabriel discovers that this whole thing is going too far: to the point where Gregory threatens to file a harassment lawsuit. Soraya replies that she would never do that because she has no interest in being noticed by the police. Raphael joins the conversation, fully agreeing with his colleague.

In the evening, Nuri is at Grigoli’s house. When she finds several boxes of powerful sleeping pills in her friend’s bathroom, she is alarmed. Grigor assures that he does not accept more. While he kisses her passionately, Noor has no idea that there is a man lurking behind the kitchen wall!

Nordin wants Manon back

Still in a wheelchair, Manon finally leaves the house to find Timothée at the spoon. The latter is interested in his new daily life and asks questions about the ongoing investigations. When Nordin comes to greet them, Manon ignores him. Timothy notices that things have not worked out between them. Manon declares that she will never get better.

At the police station, Nordin interrupts Timotee to get information about Manon. Timothy talks to her about her progress on the bench, then advises her to see him directly to find out how he feels.

Later, Nordin returns to Timotheus and asks him to be the messenger between Manon and him. But Timothy refuses to be involved in their relationship.

At the end of the day, Timotee calls Manon to tell her about Nordin’s numerous attempts to hear from her. After Manon hangs up, an Auror overhearing their conversation finds it cute on Nordin’s part. He encourages his daughter to reconcile with him because they still love each other. But Manon thinks that this is not enough: he will never impose his skill on her.

Mariana is facing loneliness

Marian packs up to leave and assures Chloe that she’s ready to go home and that she really wants to be alone. He knows very well that he has to learn to deal with Reno’s absence. When she gets home, Mariana can’t find the door. He gets into his car and goes to the spoon.

Mariana is approached by Sebastian Perot at the counter, who offers his condolences. Mariana immediately informs him that she does not want to dwell on this topic, she prefers to have a normal conversation. Sebastian then states that he needs medical advice on the current issue. Mariana realizes that he is making this story up, but is impressed by his gesture. Sebastien invites her for coffee during a casual conversation, but Mariana declines, stating that she has to go to work.

Marian is going to buy pizza. On the way, he meets Christel, who asks about him. Marian insists that she is going home even though she has booked a hotel room. Once alone on the bed, Marian burst into tears.

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