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Un Si Grand Soleil preview: Friday 31 May 2024 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Un Si Grand Soleil preview: Friday 31 May 2024 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil that airs Friday night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Friday 31 May at Un si grand soleil…

Tais discovers a new profession

Thais goes to the police station to confront Arno. The girl is uncomfortable. Arno swears to Thais that he really loved her and asks for forgiveness. Tice replies that there is no forgiveness and advises him to get treatment because he is sick.

He tells Arno that he’s sorry for what he did, but Thais finds it hard to look him in the eye. At the end of the confrontation, the young woman confides in Manu that she didn’t think it would be so difficult.

He wonders how he managed not to realize that Arno had psychological problems. Manu advises her to keep moving forward and try to keep her mind off things. Tais thanks Manu for saving his life. The policeman replies that he was only doing his job. On his way out of the police station, he sees a recruitment poster to join the police force.

In high school, Tais meets with Sabine to talk about her direction after undergrad. The young girl explains to him that she has thought about it a lot. If she doesn’t get her STAPS degree, she wants to study law.

Sabine then advises him to consider a third option. Tice explains to him that he wanted to be a police officer. After everything that happened to him, he realized that this was a really useful profession. He has already inquired about the training. Sabine advises him to continue to find out more to make sure he really likes the job. But Tice is confident that it will.

Arno, on the other hand, will appear before Judge Alfandi. Cecil charges him with murder for being a natural enforcer in an organized gang. He faces life imprisonment with a term of security and is banished from his father’s estate for his unworthiness. She informs him that she is also accused of trying to kill Thais. Arno is silent.

The police are trying to catch Jusani

Early in the morning, Allen and Clement ride a traditional bicycle. Clement noticed that his friend had returned to form. The latter realizes that things are much better with Elizabeth, because she has forgiven him for infidelity, and that, in turn, she accepts his absence. He advises Becker to tell Janet the truth about his infidelity with Claudine. But Clement fears that his relationship will explode.

Summoned to the police station, Baptiste Zhusan answers Yan’s questions in the presence of his lawyer, Serge Levars. He confirms that he had a relationship with Camille Grignac, but it only lasted a few weeks.

In his eyes, it was history with no future. Then he hopes that nothing happened to his former employee. Ian informs her that he has filed a rape complaint against her. Baptiste claims outrage and confirms that their relationship was consensual.

Ian emphasizes that this is not the first time a woman has filed a complaint against him. Maitre Levars reminds the lieutenant that these complaints against his client have never been successful. Ian replies that he has an impressive pedigree. He tells her he faces up to 15 years in prison, or even 20 years in aggravating circumstances, which is his job since he was the victim’s employer.

Levars then defends his client, explaining that the complaints were filed by rejected women who were upset that he didn’t want to be involved with them. He adds that his client has a comfortable financial situation, attracting interested women. Ian condemns his lack of class in his defense.

After leaving the police station, Levars warns Jossan: he risks ending up in prison. He then asks her if any witnesses can back up Camille’s statements. He recalls that one of the brokers saw them arguing, but he is sure that he will not testify against him.

A little later in the day, Becker receives Elise and Clement’s report. He explains to them that all charges against Baptiste have been dropped by the complainants. He then gives Ellis a list of all possible victims.

Ian then recounts his interrogation. He remarks that he has never seen a man so full. He believes that he is complacent and authoritarian. However, Becker reminds him that doesn’t make him a bully. Eliseba interjects and says she believes Camille.

Clement then asks them to find evidence to arrest Zhusan. Elyse emphasizes that false reports of sexual abuse make up only 2% of cases. He is annoyed that the words of the victims are questioned.

A few hours later, Ellis goes to meet Baptiste’s former victim, Laura Pasquier, to talk to her about a complaint filed several years ago. The policeman explains to her that they need the testimony to move forward with the rape investigation. Laura replies that the story is behind her. He wants to move.

Ellis insists and manages to convince her to tell him what happened. Laura explains to him that she worked as a broker in one of Baptiste Zhusan’s agencies. He behaved inappropriately towards her and made hints. One day he tried to attack her in the photocopier room.

Laura then filed a complaint, but was assaulted. She received anonymous phone calls, found her tires slashed, and had a person send her family and co-workers doctored photos of her in compromising documents.

Convinced that it was from a Baptist, he preferred to file a complaint to put an end to it. A shocked Alice urges Laura to file a complaint again, but the young woman refuses to go through it all again. The policewoman hears his reaction, but leaves her phone number in case he changes his mind.

At the police station, Becker informs Picard that they have nothing against Jossan. Then the prosecutor comes up with an idea: to convince Jossan that the investigation is at a dead end, or even to bury him, so he will think that there is no trouble.

But at the same time, they will continue the investigation as carefully as possible by questioning his relatives and colleagues, as well as listening to him. Picard is convinced that Jossan will make a mistake. However, he specifies that Camille Grignac and his lawyer should not be trusted. Becker then informs Ian and Elise about the prosecutor’s plan.

In the evening, Johanna asks Ian if there is an investigation into Jusani. Ian reminds him that he can’t talk to him about his current affairs. In the face of her insistence, he finally tells her that the file is empty and that Camille Grignac should be transferred. Johanna is shocked by her partner’s answer. She criticizes him for losing.

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