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Will Trent on TF1: ‘She’s incredible’… Ramon Rodriguez on his collaboration with Betty the Dog on TV series

Will Trent on TF1: ‘She’s incredible’… Ramon Rodriguez on his collaboration with Betty the Dog on TV series

From May 15, TF1 broadcasts Will Trent, an American detective series about the adventures of a GBI special agent.

If this atypical inspector quickly attracted public sympathy due to his tragic past, Betty, the beloved Chihuahua whom Willy saves from certain death in the first episode of the series, undoubtedly stole some of his stardom.

It must be said that in the background of police intrigues and many mysteries to be solved, Agent Trent’s dog was able to win the love of the audience. And for good reason, this little dog – who is called Bluebell in real life – brings a touch of sweetness to the series and allows us to see a much more human, even vulnerable, side of our hero.

“This female dog is a professional”

It is in columns Gold derby that Will Trent’s character Ramon Rodriguez talked about his on-screen partner’s work.

This female dog is a professional. He is incredible“, he explains. Adding, “He is living the best life. Better than you, me or anyone else. He completes his scenes in an hour, gets delicious food and then leaves. Her presence melts Will’s heart like nothing else can, cementing this incredible bond.“.

For her part, Karin Slaughter, novelist of the Will Trent saga, also spoke about Will and Betty’s relationship in an interview with the magazine. parade.

And according to him, “Will certainly had no intention of getting a dog, much less a Chihuahua. Betty is the kind of dog that a young pop star carries around in a leather bag. But Willie is a man who grew up in an orphanage and can’t bring a dog to the pound. Now he’s biding his time until Will comes home. Will Trent has many strong women in his life. Betty is another on the list.”

Bluebell: Star of the screen

Although many viewers have discovered Bluebell in Will Trent, this is not his first attempt in front of the cameras. This charming ball of fur even rubbed the shoulders of one of the biggest stars of American cinema.

Indeed, Bluebell has already starred alongside actress Emma Stone. The dog, now ten years old, was one of the dogs that played Wink in Cruella, the 2021 Disney film.

Source: Allocine

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