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Who Killed Him?’: What Happened to Mario Bezares and His Wife Brenda?  This is what they look like today

Who Killed Him?’: What Happened to Mario Bezares and His Wife Brenda? This is what they look like today

The new Prime Video series, “Who Killed Him?”, has reignited the controversy surrounding the murder of Paco Stanley, a successful driver who was murdered in broad daylight outside a restaurant in Mexico City.

The chapters focus on each friend of the deceased, showing how their relationship with him was in trying to find the author of the crime. One of them was Mario, played by the actor Luis Gerardo Méndez, known for his participation in “Nosotros los nobles”.

Who are Mario and Brenda Bezares, the people associated with Paco Stanley?

This character is based on Mario Bezares, also known as Mayito, a comedian, actor and TV presenter, recognized for his participation in programs such as ‘Pácatelas!’ and “One after the other”, with Paco Stanley.

Mario Bezares worked in the entertainment industry and was a prominent personality on Mexican television. After the murder of his friend and during an investigation, he was arrested on June 22, 1999 due to contradictions in his testimony and an attempt to leave the country, justified as a family vacation.

Months later he was released in 2001 after being acquitted of the charges. The situation also affected his wife, Brenda (played by Zuria Vega in the melodrama), an actress, presenter and singer, who began her career as a model and participated in soap operas in the United States and Venezuela. She married Mario in 1991 and they have two children, Alejandro and Alan.

Mario continues on the show and Brenda has started a political career

Their family life was affected after the murder of Paco Stanley and now, almost 25 years later, it is still a part of their lives. According to his social networks, Mario continues in the world of entertainment, participating in theater performances, comedy shows and television programs.

Mario is still married to Brenda and often shares photos with her and their grown children.

For her part, Brenda Bezares entered politics, being a candidate for federal representative of the Civic Movement party in the 8th district of Nuevo León.

Recently, they expressed their displeasure at the premiere of ‘Who Killed Him?’ and have taken legal action against Amazon Prime, claiming that the show’s depictions do not conform to the historical version and violate their privacy.

The statement was posted on their Instagram accounts, where they highlighted the unauthorized use of their image, which could confuse the public about the case. So far, Amazon Prime’s response to the lawsuit is unknown.

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Source: univision

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