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‘Bridgerton’ Revealed Season 4 & 5 Cast?  One theory drove fans crazy

‘Bridgerton’ Revealed Season 4 & 5 Cast? One theory drove fans crazy

Fans of ‘Brigerton’ are looking forward to more episodes of the romantic series set in Regency England.

In this sense, although there are still a few weeks left until the premiere of the second part of season 3, many are looking for some clue that will tell them what will happen at the end of this installment, as well as who will be the successors of Colin’s love story and Penelope’s: will Benedict, Eloise or Francesca be the next protagonist?

When does the second part of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 premiere?

The final part of the third part of the series will arrive on Netflix on June 13. Like the first, it will have four episodes, with the difference that they will conclude Colin and Penelope’s love story, as well as whether society will discover who Lady Whistledown is and what will become of Francesca’s romance.

Who will be the protagonists of the next seasons of ‘Brigerton’?

Although Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about it, fans have been looking for clues in the series to predict who the stars of the upcoming seasons will be.

So, a theory has arrived that seems to predict it. This is based on a scene from season 2, episode 3, in which the Bridgerton family is playing pall mall, a game similar to croquet.

In this one, it looks like Anthony and Kate hit goal number two, the same number as the season they starred in.

Shortly after, the camera focuses on Colin and Benedict. The former comments to the latter that his distraction is evident, having left the field open to score goal 3, which, coincidentally, was also ‘Bridgerton’s’ season to star.

Before the game, when Daphne explains the rules of the game to the Sharma sisters, she mentions that Colin is so smart that he will score a point when they least expect it, similar to what happened to fans when they learned that the Netflix series Won’t I respected Julia Quinn’s series of books.

Another shot shows Eloise successfully putting her ball under goal 5, which, according to fan theory, would mean this is the season to focus on her.

However, at no point do we see who scores goal number 4, which still leaves the door open for it to be Benedict or Francesca. Of course, it must be remembered that the sixth Bridgerton does not appear in that scene.

Let us know in the comments if you think this theory is supported or not.

Source: univision

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