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Batman |  The Justice League villain causes a drastic change in Gotham City

Batman | The Justice League villain causes a drastic change in Gotham City

Gotham City, Batman’s hometown, changes forever when a Justice League villain assumes a major place in power

The city protected by Batman, Gotham City, is almost a character, on many occasions it even becomes the protagonist of the story. The place is a center of power and corruption, featuring many of the most influential and cruel beings in the DC Universe. And for this very reason the municipality is the target of the greed of many big criminals. And a Justice League villain ends up causing a major change in the hierarchy of the decades-old crime capital.

Beware of future spoilers for Batman #147!

One of the oldest threats to the Justice League is Batman’s attempt to control the city, becoming one of its top authorities. And immortal supervillain Vandal Savage, although imprisoned in Gotham City, has risen to his new position of power in the city, which will likely bring a lot of trouble for the BatFamily.

In Batman no. 147recently released, the new Batman Zur-En-Arrh has been active with his aggressive tracking and zero tolerance against Gotham City’s criminals. Zur-En-Arrh is a psychological aspect of Batman created to act violently in case of Bruce Wayne be mentally dominated.

The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh as Failsafe (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

It turns out that this character dominated Bruce’s mind and managed to escape into the control center of Failsafe, a robot that was supposed to act as an emergency against Batman himself. Now, the machine has become a Batman without humanity, but with all the mental and physical experience of the Dark Knight.

Here, Zur-En-Arr is attracted by the fact that Vandal Savage has been sworn in as the new police commissioner of Gotham City.

What’s changing in Gotham City?

Savage has been in Gotham City for some time now, attempting to repair his waning immortality. He returned to the city to try to shoot down a meteor that would grant him a long life. The villain has regained his immortality, but only within the boundaries of the municipality.

Unable to leave Gotham City, Savage set out to seize power in the city, and succeeded after gaining elite allies. The villain took advantage of the fact that the local groups were still afraid the environment resulting from Gotham Warwho shook the BatFamily and drove Batman away, mentally fractured and already dominated by Zur-En-Arrh. Therefore, Savage took the opportunity to take over as commissioner.

Vandal Savage becomes Gotham City's police commissioner (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

Now, with Bruce recovering from his psychological breakdown, Zur-En-Arrh has done his job in an authoritarian and violent manner. In Batman no. 147, Zur-En-Arrh stops an assassin from killing Savage, but also threatens to arrest him again. After being challenged by the Justice League’s immortal villain, Zur-En-Arrh leaves Savage at his new job, eager to see him fail.

This is a drastic and important change, as the position of police commissioner has normally been in the hands of noble figures, such as Jim Gordon and, more recently, Renee Montoya.

Someone like Savage working with Gotham City’s elite will surely make Batman and the BatFamily’s job, as well as that of all heroes, that much more difficult. We continue to monitor how this situation will develop.

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