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“The Incredibles” and “Finding Nemo” could be rebooted

“The Incredibles” and “Finding Nemo” could be rebooted

Reviving Pixar’s old successes: this is Disney’s new goal. According to a report released by Bloombergthe company is studying the creation of reboots of well-known franchises, in the case of The Incredibles AND Finding Nemo.

Disney wants to revive some of Pixar’s old hits (Image: Allmy/Shutterstock)

Pixar says it is very confident in the launch of Inside out 2. The film will hit the theaters on June 20 this year and promises to perform well. Even if expectations are not confirmed, the work will serve as a kind of test.

The Bloomberg report highlights that Disney is considering rebooting or revisiting several productions already loved by audiences. Remembering that the company is going through several restructurings. The objective, therefore, is to focus on works that have already been successful in the past.

The rule is simple: if the sequel to an already known film does not achieve the goals set by the management, fans will be able to see a series of reboots. Pixar president Jim Morris stated that “with a sequel, if you put out something that’s not quality, you’re going to get punished for it.”

Pixar is confident about the release of Inside out 2but the film may not escape future remakes (Image: Reproduction/Pixar)

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