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“Who killed him?”  Relive the arrest of Mario Bezares: it happened differently in real life

“Who killed him?” Relive the arrest of Mario Bezares: it happened differently in real life

More than 24 years have passed since the tragic death of Paco Stanley, a beloved Mexican telecom operator. With the premiere of the Amazon Prime series, “Who Killed Him?”, many unknowns have resurfaced, one of them being what Mario Bezares’ arrest was like in real life.

“Who killed him?” reveals how Mario Bezares was captured

In the second chapter of ‘Who Killed Him?’, titled ‘Mario’, Mario Bezares and Paco Stanley’s relationship is shown both on and off screen. We are introduced to the beginning of ‘Mayito’ on TV and his relationship with his wife Brenda. However, a key point that changes the pace of the episode is his arrest.

In the plot, everything happens when Mario is warned by his wife to get a lawyer, as she feared for his safety. He replies that the police couldn’t prove something that never happened. Immediately, the police arrive unexpectedly at his house and, when the driver leaves, he is arrested and put in a patrol car while surrounded by the press.

Soon after, it is revealed that the car instead of being driven to the Treasury, is pulled into a hotel where it is being held on suspicion of involvement in Stanley’s murder, specifically because it had been established that both he and his wife. they had scheduled an appointment to renew their passports, which suggests they may have wanted to leave the country.

While under observation, Mario is visited by his newly hired lawyer and proceeds to tell all about Stanley and what happened the day he died.

The capture of Bezares took place differently in reality

On the other hand, although this scene from ‘Who Killed Him?’ It’s partially true, the biggest change is that in real life, Mario Bezares was under house arrest after Stanley’s death and even had prior knowledge that he could be arrested soon.

In the documentary series “The Show, Chronicle of a Murder”, the dead man’s father explained that, indeed, the authorities surrounded his house and the media was already waiting for the official arrest.

Brenda Bezares confirmed that lawyers arrived at her home the night before to explain what would happen in the next few hours.

“At night all the lawyers arrive and say, enjoy your last night with your family, I don’t want you to see anyone, run to everyone and stay the four of you because it’s the last night you’ll spend here. He said “I advise you to rest, sleep well because tomorrow they will come for you, you will go to jail.” These were the statements of both.

This means that, unlike what we saw in “Who Killed Him?”, Mario knew what was going to happen and prepared with a team of lawyers advising him. Therefore, it was no surprise that the police came to his house, which is reflected in contrast to the melodrama.


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The Prime Video series has shown that it has made some changes since that day in 1999 when Stanley lost his life, but it tries to be as faithful as possible.

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Source: univision

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