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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: Who was the girl who appeared in Max’s memories?  She wasn’t his daughter

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: Who was the girl who appeared in Max’s memories? She wasn’t his daughter

After the release of “Furiosa” in theaters, fan interest in other films in the “Mad Max” saga has been revived, bringing to light new unknowns about the events or characters in this world. Such is the case of a little girl we see in ‘Fury Road’ who has caused a lot of confusion since the movie came out.

In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, Max sees a girl

In the 2015 film, viewers witness a series of hallucinations that plague Max, the main character played by Tom Hardy.

One of those visions is of a girl, referred to in the film’s credits simply as “The Dead Accuser,” played by Coco Jack Gillies.

Due to the frequency with which she appears in Max’s hallucinations, as well as the fact that she once calls him “Daddy”, many believe that she is his daughter.

However, that is not what unites them. In fact, it wasn’t until the success of “Mad Max: Fury Road” that fans found clearer answers.

Who is Glory, the girl Mad Max sees in ‘Fury Road’?

The little girl’s name is Glory, and while she’s not Max’s daughter, they have a significant bond, which is explained in both the comics and the video game that populate this universe.

In the Fury Road comic book story, Max gets help from a woman named Hope to defeat a gang of bandits known as the Buzzards. She, in return, “returns” the favor by asking him to help her rescue her daughter Glory, who was kidnapped by the same cultists.

Although the hero succeeds in his mission, it seems that his efforts were not enough, as soon after they both die.

In the video game, the story is told a little differently. Max and Hope know each other because they see each other many times during their travels. However, during one of their “meetings”, she discovers that she has become a prisoner. Hope doesn’t ask him to free her, but rather to rescue Glory, who in this version had also been kidnapped by the Buzzards gang, and he does.

When mother and daughter reunite, they ask Max to stay with them so they can start a family, but he decides to go his own way. However, he soon changes his mind and when he returns to stay with her, he realizes that they have been murdered.

We must remember that in the original “Mad Max” trilogy it is said that the ex-cop was unable to protect his family. In this sense, regardless of the differences between the story presented in the comics and the video game, Glory represents the sadness and pain of the protagonist who lost his loved ones.

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