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New on Netflix: A moving film that will make your heart skip a beat with a young royal star

New on Netflix: A moving film that will make your heart skip a beat with a young royal star

For fans of the Young Royals, Edwin Riding, Wilhelm’s translator, stars in a new Netflix production. The actor stars in a haunting, bittersweet Swedish drama about coming of age and abandonment.

The 21-year-old shares the screen with Zara Larsson, the pop star known for her hits ‘Uncover’, ‘Lush Life’ and her collaboration with David Guetta, ‘This One’s for You’, who sang at Euro 2016 and most recently ‘My Love’.

“Young Royals” star in heartbreaking teen drama

Although the singer – who is making his acting debut – only has a small role in the new Netflix film, Edwin Ryding is one of the main ones along with another young royals actress, namely Felicia Maxime and two other famous Swedish actresses: Alva. Brat, seen in Quicksand and Barracuda Queens, and Ida Engwall, seen in Love & Anarchy.

So, all of these wonderful people are in the cast of A Part of You, available today on Netflix, and it just might touch your heart. This feature film directed by Sige Eklund follows the difficult journey of Agnes (Felicia Maxime), who lives in the shadow of her older sister Julia (Zara Larsson).

The latter has everything her younger sister dreams of: she’s the coolest person in school, the star of every party, and dating Noel (Edwin Ryding), the handsome boy at school. When tragedy strikes, Agnes’ world is turned upside down and the teenager is forced to reinvent herself. Suddenly, he’s going to get everything he’s ever wanted. But at what cost?

With beautiful writing and stunning performances, A Part of You manages to capture with great sensitivity the complex journey of troubled adolescence, the fears and pressures a young person can place on themselves, and the conflicting and destructive feelings that accompany the transition to adulthood. Stunning authenticity. Remove the tissues.

The movie “A Part of You” is available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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