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These are the movies you should see in theaters on June 12: Love Lies Bleeding with Kristen Stewart, The Watchers by Ishana Night Shyamalan…

The Watchers by Ishana Shyamalan

With Georgina Campbell, Dakota Fanning, Olwen Fuere…

What is it about? Lost in the forest, Mina finds shelter in a house where three people already live. Then he discovers the rules of this very secret place: every night, the residents must allow themselves to be watched by the mysterious inhabitants of this forest. They don’t see them, but they watch everything.

did you know Originally, Les Guetteurs is a book by AM Shine, published in 2021 by Head of Zeus. A story that the director read and wanted to adapt from page 70. Ishana Shyamalan wanted to stay true to the world of the novel, the horror thriller, her favorite genre.

Paradise Paris by Marjan Satrapi

With Monica Bellucci, Ben Aldridge, Gwendal Marimuthu…

What is it about? In the lively and cosmopolitan streets of Paris, fate intersects and interacts with each other, connected by universal everyday figures: the cleaning lady, the policeman, the cafe owner. What if facing death was the best life?

did you know Marjan Satrapi had the idea of ​​this film for more than ten years. Then the filmmaker went through a terrible ordeal and faced death. He recalls: So I said to myself: let’s live as long as there is air in our lungs. That’s why this film became a necessity.”

“I realized that giving in to sadness and cynicism was a posture and, above all, a choice of cowardice.

Gloria! By Margarita Vicario

With Galatea Belluzzi, Carlotta Gamba, Veronica Lucchesi…

What is it about? Venice, 18th century. At the Sant’Ignazio Institute, an orphanage and a conservatory for young girls, everyone is excited about the upcoming visit of the new Pope and the big concert that will be held in his honor. Teresa, a quiet and lonely young servant, then makes a special discovery that will revolutionize life at the conservatory: the pianoforte.

did you know Creative composer Margarita Vicario asked the question: How do you think about the place of women in music today? To answer it, he began research that led him to write Gloria! :

“Tracing the history of Italian and European composers, the discovery that most intrigued me was the fascinating world of the four ospedales of Venice and the Figlie di Choro of chorus girls.”

Excursion of Una Gunjak

Asja Zara Lagumdžija, Nađa Spaho, Maja Izetbegovic…

What is it about? In Sarajevo, Imani, a teenager looking for recognition, claims during a “truth or dare” among high school students that she has fallen in love for the first time. A prisoner of her own lies, she invents a pregnancy and becomes the center of a controversy that spirals out of control.

Juliet in the Spring by Blandine Lenoir

With Izia Higuelin, Sophie Guillemin, Jean-Pierre Darossin…

What is it about? Juliet, a young illustrator of children’s books, leaves the city to be reunited with her family for a few days: her father, who is so modest that he only expresses himself in jokes, her artist mother, who enjoys life, her grandson – her lover. A mother who is losing her strength, and her sister, a mother who is overwhelmed by the everyday life that consumes her.

did you know Juliet in the Spring is adapted from the graphic novel by Camille Jourdi. Juliet, the ghosts return in the spring (Actes Sud Bd). Blandine Lenoir confides:

“It’s a very rich comic that deals with many things: depression, the place we hold in the family without moving it for years, modesty, love, sexuality, mourning, childbirth… It’s everyday life that intersects with tragedy. And all this, with a lot of humor!”

Love Lies Bleeding by Rose Glass

With Kristen Stewart, Katie O’Brien, Jena Malone…

What is it about? Lou, a single gym manager, falls madly in love with Jack, an ambitious bodybuilder. Their passionate and explosive relationship leads them, despite themselves, into a spiral of violence.

did you know For this film, Rose Glass tried to challenge common clichés about women in cinema: “First of all, I wanted to ask what a ‘strong female character’ really means.

“I wanted to do something around a bodybuilder, a strong female character, both mentally and physically, but also show how her strength can be harnessed and manipulated.”

HAIKYÛ!! Susumu Mitsunaka’s Garbage War

Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa, Kelyan Blanc…

What is it about? Shoyo Hinata joins Karasuno High School’s volleyball club to become like her idol, a former Karasuno player known as the “Little Giant”. Hinata quickly finds that she must team up with her rival, Tobio Kageyama.

Their contrasting styles transform into formidable weapons, but will they be able to defeat the rival Nekoma team in this final showdown?

It’s Not Me by Leo Carax

With Dennis Lavant, Ekaterina Yuspina, Loretta Judkite…

What is it about? For an exhibition that ultimately did not take place, the Pompidou Museum asked the filmmaker to answer the question: Where are you, Leo Carax? He tries to answer, full of questions. On him, “his” world. I do not know. But if I had known, I would have answered that…

Tehachapi Jr

The early days of Stephen Breton

What is it about? The United States represents 4.2% of the world’s population and 20% of the world’s prisoners. In October 2019, artist JR received unprecedented authorization to intervene in one of California’s most violent, high-security prisons: Tehachapi. Some inmates there are serving life sentences for crimes committed as juveniles.

Source: Allocine

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