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HPI: Is the American remake in danger?

Bad news for the American remake of HPI! While all the lights seemed to be green for the ABC production, that’s ultimately not the case, as Deadline just made a big announcement: Rob Thomas is leaving the project. Yes, you read that right!

The showrunner of High Potential just decided to slam the door. It’s a very surprising decision, knowing that the creator of Veronica Mars is still very involved. What happened that made him decide to leave his seat? However, according to Deadline, there will be no need to worry:

Rob Thomas will continue to work at ABC

“We still don’t know the reasons for his departure, but there will be no hard feelings. His contract has been terminated amicably and he will remain an integral part of ABC as he has other projects in development.”

However, this decision raises many questions. We know that when a showrunner decides to leave a TV show before it airs, it’s usually because they weren’t aligned with certain creative choices.

A very ordinary remake?

Was it a remake compared to our national HPI? One thing is for sure, this statement may interest Audrey Fleur. Indeed, the actor took the time to comment on the American project during a visit to the La Rochelle Fantasy Festival:

“I believe overall, there’s a bit of a leveling off because they can’t afford what we’re affording ourselves, I think the artistic direction has added value because they’ve pulled out all the stops financially, so image-wise it needs to be renewed.”.”

He finished and elaborated: “But for me, it’s also part of HPI, I’m not sure it’s a project that requires crazy sets, that it’s more tonal, and I think they’re censoring us a little bit.” Was Rob Thomas, known for Tony’s True Freedom, disappointed that he wasn’t able to pay homage to the original series? We’ll no doubt know more in the coming weeks.

Source: Allocine

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