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Veranico continues until late autumn

Many areas of the country are experiencing temperatures well above what would be normal for June. Winter officially begins on June 21st at 5:51 pm

The large and strong mass of dry air that has settled over the country continues to maintain a summer condition until at least June 20th. Autumn will end with above average temperatures in many states of central and southern Brazil

Low air humidity makes cloud formation and rain difficult in most parts of the country. It is this large mass of dry air that has maintained the conditions for the summer observed these days and which will persist until June 20th.

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The trend is for a first cold front to pass this weekend, increasing heavy rain conditions in Rio Grande do Sul, but the system will not have the strength to move to other areas of the South and Southeast. A second system is expected to advance mid-next week, between June 21 and 22, already bringing a bit more moisture to south-central Brazil.

Above average temperatures – 15th to 20th July

For now let’s continue to focus on the break in the rain! And because of this summer, many areas of the country are seeing temperatures well above normal temperatures for the month of June. Remembering that winter officially begins on June 21, at 5:51 pm (Brasilia time).

Humidity is expected to increase in the state of Rio Grande do Sul between Saturday (15th) and Sunday (16th), with this and the arrival of slightly colder air the temperature will decrease slightly. Only the far north of the state could record variations in maximum temperatures in the next few days, between Monday and Tuesday, with thermal thresholds around 26-27°C.

Source: Terra

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