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$567M: This 2024 Fantasy and Spectacular Movie Will Get a Sequel With a Netflix Director

Hitting theaters on April 3, Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom was a success, bringing in $567 million worldwide on a $135 million budget. In France, this MonsterVerse opus attracted 1.2 million viewers.

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In the process, Warner Bros. studio. Work on the sequel has begun. After Adam Wingard directed the last two episodes of the saga, it’s up to Grant Sputter to take the lead. According to The Hollywood ReporterThe filmmaker has been tapped by Legendary and Warner Studios to direct the next installment of the giant monster adventure.

American independent film and advertising veteran Grant Sputor directed his first feature film in 2021, I Am Mother. This sci-fi drama starring Hilary Swank is available on Netflix if you want to watch it. The plot goes like this: “In order to prevent humans from becoming extinct, a robot ‘Mother’ is assigned to raise them. A woman will threaten this new equilibrium.”

Will Grant Sputore be able to handle the huge machinery of the Hollywood blockbuster? Answer back shortly when we have more on the direction the rest of the MonsterVerse will take.

What does the future hold for MonsterVerse?

Last April, Adam Wingard talked about the future of the franchise, giving IGN some ideas. “I definitely have some ideas about where these two monsters could go. If this movie is successful, I think the next one will be a Godzilla version of what we did with Kong on that movie, which will go even further. History.”– pointed out the director.

“But Kong’s story is still in its early stages, although I think he’s establishing himself as the king in a way. He will not be a ruler like Scar King, he is not a dictator. I think it will be very interesting to see how Kong will work with this group and how he will be the leader himself, because I don’t think it will be easy.Adam Wingard added.

Source: Allocine

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