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Jake Gyllenhaal in the footsteps of Harrison Ford, is considered innocent!

Jake Gyllenhaal in the footsteps of Harrison Ford, is considered innocent!

What is it about?

A brilliant prosecutor suddenly finds himself accused of murdering a young and ambitious colleague with whom he recently had a passionate affair.

Presumed Innocent, TV series created by David E. Kelly with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Negga, Bill Kemp, Renate Rainswe…

Pure thriller

Some may remember the movie starring Harrison Ford. After 37 years, David E. Kelly tackles the adaptation of Scott Turow’s book with this mini-series, Presumed Innocent, a New York Times bestseller.

According to the series’ official synopsis, “A gruesome murder engulfs the Chicago District Attorney’s Office when Deputy Attorney General Rusty Sabic becomes a suspect himself. Themes explored include obsession, sex, politics, but also the power and limits of love as the defendant struggles to keep his marriage and family together.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Rusty Sabic, a prosecutor accused of murdering his mistress, his colleague, and the prosecutor Caroline Polhemus, played by Renate Reinswe, who was revealed in Julie (Chapter 12).

In the series, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a talented prosecutor who sees his family and professional life turned upside down when he is accused of murdering Caroline, a talented and ambitious young woman who became his mistress and ended up raising him. A real obsession.

As the investigation progresses, the secrets of Rusty’s personal and professional life begin to unravel, as they often do in this type of thriller. He is far from the “ideal son-in-law”, this gifted man who gets along well with a lovely little family.

Gradually we discover the knots of betrayal, hidden desires and political manipulations, where no character is jealous of the other.

The series portrays with a certain intensity the moral dilemmas that Sabic has to face. He must fight not only to prove his innocence, but also to keep his marriage and family together.

The series combines a well-crafted crime plot with a psychological study of a complex character. Backed into a corner, this prosecutor makes every possible mistake imaginable, regardless of common sense. The question then plagues the audience. Is Rusty really innocent?

The first two episodes He is presumed innocent Available on Apple TV+, followed by one episode per week.

Source: Allocine

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