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Tonight on TV: Academic failure is a serious topic…except in this timeless comedy with a very young Daniel O’Teil

Tonight on TV: Academic failure is a serious topic…except in this timeless comedy with a very young Daniel O’Teil

If you ask me to name the iconic French comedy, would you say… Les Bronzés? Yes. Guests ? Yes again. A silly dinner? always yes What if we added Under-Gifted to that illustrious list? Again, yes, of course…

Because how could we not include this absolutely brilliant film directed by a very young Daniel O’Taylor and which TMC has the good idea to air this Thursday night to keep the week busy?

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It was released in cinemas in 1980. Talented tells the story of Bebel and his little companions from the Court Louis XIV, who are famous for being lazy people and self-confident pranksters. Even their high school is last in the undergraduate rankings with a 100% passing rate!

After a prank goes awry, the troublemakers are forced to get the Bachelorette at any cost, through cunning and deceit, if they don’t want to go to jail…

After the commercial failure of Bette (his first career!), the director Claude Zid faces great financial difficulties, trying to reconnect with the freedom of his beginnings (Wing or Thigh, La Zizanie, etc.).

After fixing certain Daniel O’Teil On stage, he offered the role of the evil lazy Bebel Talented. Success is instant!

4 million failed in theaters

Comedy on a funny square – Dunce school students are forced to get a bachelor’s degree at any cost – Talented It gained public favor with almost 4 million viewers in theaters.

It must be said that the film is irresistible: thanks to its attractive casting (besides, what happened to the actors?) and its delicious schoolboy gags (the learning machine, the old mad professor’s sound system, the fraud technique more eccentric…) here we have a great laugh-out-loud classic , which can still be seen today with tenderness and nostalgia.

Why bother when it’s on TV tonight?

Tonight on TMC at 9:25 PM.

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