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Inside Out 2 Becomes 3rd Highest-Grossing Animated Film in the US

Inside Out 2 Becomes 3rd Highest-Grossing Animated Film in the US

Inside Out 2 Becomes 3rd Highest-Grossing Animated Film in the US

The sequel to the 2015 animated hit recently surpassed the $1 billion mark worldwide, becoming the first since Barbie

With around $489 million raised in the United States alone, Inside Out 2 became the 3rd highest grossing animated film in the US, surpassing Finding Dorysequence of Looking for Nemo launched in 2016.

Currently, the novelty is second only to The Incredibles 2 (2018), which remains in first place with US$ 608 million; and Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, right after, with US$ 574 million raised. The expectation is that, until its departure from the North American circuit, Inside Out 2 manage to overtake both of them and take first place.

What is the story of Inside Out 2?

In Inside Out, Riley Andersenjust 11 years old, is forced to move to another city and, as a consequence, her life ends up becoming a mess. In addition, a confusion in the control room of her brain ends up leaving her Happiness and the Sadness from outside the organization of her emotions, which affects the girl’s life even more.

In the second film, Riley is now a teenager and has to face high school, which brings a new wave of emotions into her life. However, Anxiety, Envy, Boredom It is Shame decide that the personality of Riley needs to undergo a renewal and, for this to happen, they hijack old emotions and take control of the young woman’s mind. Watch below:

Who’s in the cast?

In Brazil, the news is Tata Werneck (My sister and I) as Anxiety It is Eli Ferreira (Orphans of the Earth) as Boredom. The voice actors Gaby Milani It is Fernando Mendonca complete the cast as Envy It is Shamerespectively.

They join the veterans Miá Mello (There Will Be Change), which dubs Happiness, Octavian Costa (Psychic by Accident), which gives voice to Fear, Dani Calabresa (The Speaker), which interprets Disgusting, Leo Jaime (Workout Dreams), that lives Anger It is Katiuscia Canoro (Airplane mode), who lends his voice to Sadness. Watch the trailer:

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Source: Rollingstone

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