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Is Interview With the Devil based on a true story?

Is Interview With the Devil based on a true story?

Is Interview With the Devil based on a true story?

New feature shows a TV host trying to boost his show’s ratings with a live demonic possession

Considered one of the best horror films of the year, Interview With The Devil hits Brazilian cinemas from this Thursday (4) telling the story of a demonic possession carried out in a talk show television in the 1970s. But is the novelty based on a true story?

What is the story of Interview with the Devil?

Starring David Dastmalchianin Dune (2021) and The Suicide squad (2021), Interview With The Devil accompanies Jack Delroya presenter of a talk show television, which is trying its best to recover its audience after being away from TV because of the death of its wife (Georgina Haig, era uma vez).

On Halloween night in 1977, he decides to play his final card and invites a medium, who promises to communicate with the dead (Fayssal Bazzi, PEGO); a skeptic, who claims to be able to unmask any charlatan (Ian Bliss, Matrix Revolutions); and the big attraction of the night, Lilly (Ingrid Torelli, Five Rooms), a girl who supposedly lives with a demon inside her.

With the help of the girl’s guardian, Dr. June Ross-Mitchell (Laura Gordon, Saw V), Jack wants to try to perform a demonic possession on the stage of his show. However, the situation gets out of his control and becomes dangerous for everyone present, but especially for the presenter, who sees his secrets revealed to the whole world. Watch the trailer:

In the end, Interview With The Devil is it based on a true story?

Interview With The Devil freely mixes two different cinematographic genres: mockumentary and found footage. The film introduces the story of Jack Delroy and then presents the historical record of an episode of his TV show, Night Owlswith the right to some behind-the-scenes glimpses of that fateful Halloween night.

However, despite appearing to be a reproduction of something that really happened, the story is not the creation of the brothers. Colin It is Cameron Cairnes: “These night programs were very exciting for us when we were boys”they told Variety about the inspiration for the feature film.

“Staying up late to watch TV was kind of taboo, but we would watch it and see things that kids probably shouldn’t see. So we were trying to capture that feeling, as well as the danger of live TV, the unscripted nature of it.”added Cameron.

In order for the film to perfectly reproduce this type of program, the brothers immersed themselves in in-depth research to develop Interview With The Devil: “We started watching shows like Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett and everything else that existed at that time”says the filmmaker.

“We started seeing how their sets work and everything. I knew how, [porque] I had done these interviews before, so I had an idea. We looked at their backgrounds, the finishes, the colors and stuff and went from there. I said, ‘Let’s [usar] predominantly brown and orange.”continued Cameron.

TV veteran, Matthew Temple was hired as director of photography, so that he could put the finishing touches not only on the program, but also on the behind-the-scenes story and the documentary style that complement the feature:

“He dug up his old drafts from the 1980s, when he was still training to be a camera operator. It was what all those old guys from the 1960s and 1970s had taught him about filming for television. It became the bible for the film crew.”revealed Colin.

“It was wonderful to see them adopt a new style of filmmaking. They had to unlearn how to be filmmakers in order to make a real television show. Even the lighting: it was a matter of going to all these old warehouses and dusting off all the old lights, things that hadn’t been used for 30 years, and setting them up. It was like that in every department.”he said again.

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Source: Rollingstone

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