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The best comedy series of the year, this new release is a must-see!  But we advise you not to watch it with your family

The best comedy series of the year, this new release is a must-see! But we advise you not to watch it with your family

What is it about?

Josie, her sister Billie, and their single mother Deb are often indiscriminate and base their self-esteem on people who don’t care about them in the slightest. Vain, selfish, in debt, pathologically lacking in love, they are full of misplaced and awkward love.

Such Brave Girls, a series created by Kat Sadler with Kat Sadler, Louise Briley, Lizzie Davidson

Dark humor and great moments of awkwardness

Not too long ago, an embarrassing sitcom scene involved a child surprising his parents in bed. The first episode of Such Brave Girls goes even further when Josie (played by series creator Kat Sadler) walks into the kitchen and sees her mother Debbie (Louise Brill) sharing an intimate moment with her friend Dev (Paul Bezell) over the sink. … It sets the tone for a comedy that will make you mad, you won’t know where to stand and laugh at the same time.

The series, which won the BAFTA (equivalent of the Emmys) for best comedy, focuses on the messy lives of sisters Josie and Bill (played by Lizzie Davidson, Kat Sadler’s real sister), their family and their friends. It’s a world where we count every penny, where we run roughshod and try to have fun despite the daily challenges of lack of money and mental health issues.

It’s not friends, that’s for sure. This is not a studio sitcom in which the audience tells the audience when to laugh. When laughter occurs in the audience, it is always at the worst moment. And some of the scenes in the first episode are as painful to watch as they are hilarious. Relationship problems, suicide threats, violence. Kat Sadler has a genius for letting us know the terrible and pathetic situation of this family and making us cry with laughter.

A dysfunctional family

Such brave girls represent an unusual family unit. Josie and Bill are both adults but still live with their mother. Josie is a closeted, deeply depressed lesbian who often talks about her recent stint in a psychiatric ward and trying to “find herself,” which involves breaking up with her contented boyfriend.

Billy, on the other hand, has only one idea and one goal in life: to find a man who will never leave her – unlike her father, who went to buy tea ten years ago and never came back. And to top it off, their mother (Louise Brill, hilariously sincere) also has a very clear goal: to make sure she finds a boyfriend with a nice, big house, wholeheartedly cheating on her life and her family. And Josie was ordered not to discuss her mental health in Dev’s presence.

They are absolutely horrible to each other and to everyone else. But they work that way for a reason, which becomes clearer as the season progresses. But above all, they are, unfortunately, brutally funny.

almost true

But there are also moments of genuine laughter without being uncomfortable, such as when a hair bleaching process goes wrong because a plastic bag is placed over Bill’s head during the process and he ends up with the name of the mark imprinted on his hair. The chemistry between the two sisters is, unsurprisingly, very strong. Other comic touches are more subtle. And Kat Sadler isn’t going to look for laughs through embarrassment.

If, as the episodes progress, we find ourselves saying it’s all too far to be true, we should think again… Promoting the series in the UK last November, Kat Sadler and Lizzie Davidson said it was inspired. with their lives for the series.

All the traumas we talk about on the show are true – I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing this otherwise.“, confides Sadler ABCNews. Then we learn that humor is his way of regaining his power. Because when you can laugh at something, it’s not so scary.

The first two episodes of Such Brave Girls air on Wednesday 3 July at 10.15pm on Canal+ and are available on MyCanal. Two episodes a week.

Source: Allocine

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