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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Monday 8th July 2024 Episode 1721 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Monday 8th July 2024 Episode 1721 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow’s episode, which airs Monday night on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read.

Monday, July 8, tomorrow belongs to us…

Melody reveals her secret to Georges

Discovering the filial connection between Bastien and Melody, Georges tries to find out more. A tearful young woman tells him that she was in a relationship with John when she was barely 18. They were in love. After a year of relationship, Melody gave birth to a little boy, which she denied as pregnancy. Unable to care for her, she and John decide to leave her to raise her alone, telling her that her mother died in childbirth. Finally, after five years, Melody wanted to see her son again. So he began to follow John and Bastien wherever they moved, wisely. Until he finds himself transferred to Bastien High School. The fact that the latter was suffering from leukemia, then Lucien came into his life, opened his eyes to the need to connect with his son. But John didn’t want to hear it. Faced with these confessions, George promises to prove his innocence.

The next day, at the police station, George tells Martin everything and asks him to reopen the investigation into the double murder of John Kovac and Clarice Belinsky in order to free Melody. However, Martin emphasizes that new material evidence will be needed to convince the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Damien returns home for lunch. He reveals to Audrey that Melody has finally revealed the truth to Georges. He now understands that his wife knew his friend’s secret and promised to keep it. Thus, Audrey confesses to Damien that she was the victim of the whole affair, hoping to mediate between John and Melody.

At the spoon, Bastien finds Violetta. He notices a bruise on his friend’s hand, who admits to having a fight with a boy from his family. Concerned for his safety, Violet tells him that the Philippines is in the process of contacting social assistance so she can come and live with them. Bastien is touched.

In turn, Martin goes to the prosecutor’s office to express his doubts about Melody’s guilt in the double murder. Since the husband is always the first suspect in the case of femicide, Martin asks to interrogate Igor Belinsky. But Sebastian considers his arguments too weak and categorically refuses.

At the police station, George informs Roxanne of the prosecutor’s refusal to reopen the investigation. Indeed, the latter believes that Igor’s alibi is concrete, because he was with him all afternoon. Igor would only float for a few minutes, as the pellets exploded several times during that time. Roxanne finds this strange for a potter who is used to using kilns and therefore using electricity.

Roxanne manages to find Igor’s electricity consumption records for the last three months. He does not see anything unusual at first. It is by looking at the details of the consumption, minute by minute, that he notes that on the day of the murder, the pellets exploded three times. Considering that Igor’s furnaces were at that time, Roxanne attributes this outage to a faulty device.

Georges and Roxanne go to question Jérôme, the coroner, who confirms that Clarice died between 3 and 5 AM. However, police suggest that his assessment may have been skewed if Clarisse’s body had been out in the cold for some time. The pathologist confirms that there may be a delay of several hours. Thus, the assassination would have been committed in the morning before the pellets were first flown. While Georges and Roxanne dig in that direction, the coroner uses another method to estimate Clarice’s time of death.

In the evening, Martin and Georges show Sebastien the new elements they discovered: the disintegration in Igor only appeared on the day of the murder, probably due to a faulty device. The police noted that Igor recently bought two cooling blankets. Their theory is this: Igor planned his actions perfectly by killing his wife and then keeping her body in the cold so that he would have an alibi. Sebastian is shocked…

A small spoon was stolen

At the spoon, Bart gets a call from Nathan, who tells him that the little spoon has gone missing. They then go together to the police station to file a theft complaint. Lisa is responsible for receiving their applications. He informs them that there is no guarantee that he will be found. In fact, this type of truck is sold abroad with spare parts.

It’s a big blow to Nathan, who had been planning to run the little spoon all summer with his girlfriend. The couple will change their mind about La Paillote. They explain the situation to Charles, who comes to comfort them by offering them cocktails. Nathan is still having a hard time taking it.

Samuel returned

William and Manon meet for lunch together. The young woman assures her father that returning to work will bring her many good things. But he stands by his position and thinks it would be better if he changed course. Manon regrets that her parents are as stubborn as the other. He feels guilty for causing their argument. Back at the police station, Manon finds her mother in the break room. He tries to open his eyes to the absurdity of the situation and pushes him to reconcile with his father.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, William takes in Agnes, who is suffering from severe fatigue after everything she’s been through. William advises her to take care of herself and also consult a psychologist. Agnes admits that it is difficult to talk about what happened to her for fear of being judged. But William listens to her, which really touches her.

At the end of the day, each on their own, Aurora and William both hesitate to call each other, but eventually give up. A little later, while he’s waiting for the pizza to be delivered, William goes to answer the door to the villa. He is surprised to see Samuel again.

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