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YouTube | How to Report AI-Powered Deepfakes That Mimic Your Voice

YouTube | How to Report AI-Powered Deepfakes That Mimic Your Voice

YouTube has a tool to report videos that use deepfakes of your image and voice; see how to use it

If you’ve come across a video that uses AI to simulate your appearance or voice Youtubeyou can fill in at report a privacy breach to take it off the air. The feature is a way to combat deepfakes and protect users’ identities on the platform.

YouTube says you can report any post that depicts an “altered or synthetic lifelike version” of the person, even if it doesn’t violate its community guidelines. To do so, you need to fill out a form on the platform’s support and provide as many details as possible about the image manipulation.

How to Report Deepfakes of Your Voice or Image on YouTube

Before posting the form, YouTube recommends that the person read the content regarding harassment and violations of the platform’s Community Guidelines, as well as try to contact the person who posted the video.

The company also emphasizes that false claims can lead to account blocking, so it is important to separate evidence and more information about what happened. It is worth remembering that only the person affected by the video can file a complaint: in the case of a minor or a person without access to the Internet, the process must be carried out by a legal guardian.

At the phone

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the reporting link in YouTube Help (support.google.com/youtube);
  2. Press “Continue”;
  3. Select “I still want to submit a privacy breach report”;
  4. Tap “I have read the community guidelines”;
  5. Press “Report synthetic or altered content”;
  6. Fill out the form, sign the document and submit it for review.

  7. Access the form and submit the report (Image: Screenshot/André Magalhães/Canaltech)

On the computer

The path is similar:

  1. Visit the report page in YouTube Help (support.google.com/youtube);
  2. Select “Continue;
  3. Switch to “I still want to report a privacy violation”;
  4. Click “I have reviewed the community guidelines”;
  5. Select “Report synthetic or altered content”;
  6. Fill out the form with all the information.

  7. Reports misuse of AI as a breach of privacy (Image: Screenshot/André Magalhães/Canaltech)

What you need to enter in the form

YouTube requires the following information:

  • Name and surname;
  • Who files the complaint;
  • Village;
  • Email address;
  • Type of content that simulates voice or image;
  • Details about how you appear in the video and how your appearance has been altered by AI;
  • Try (if you have an external link);
  • Legal Statements;
  • Signature.

How reporting works

After you submit a privacy complaint, YouTube’s support team reviews the case and considers several factors, such as whether the video is realistic, whether the person is identifiable, or whether it shows a public figure engaging in sensitive activities.

The platform then contacts the profile that published the original video to ask them to remove it or hide the information that exposes the person concerned: the channel owner has up to 48 hours to respond to the company’s notification.

Throughout the process, YouTube keeps the victim’s identity confidential and sends updates only to the email registered in the form.

It is worth mentioning that YouTube also has a standard feature for Report videos that violate the platform’s community guidelines. Furthermore, if you have been the victim of slander, insult or defamation by a newspaper, you can do the same. fill out a digital police report.

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