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Plus belle la vie: “Everything but the kitten!”… Fans react to this scene from Thursday’s episode

Plus belle la vie: “Everything but the kitten!”… Fans react to this scene from Thursday’s episode

Since its release in 2004, Plus belle la vie has had its share of shocking scenes. And A More Beautiful Life, Even More Beautiful seems to want to follow suit, if we’re to believe a scene from this Wednesday, July 3 episode that sparked a lot of backlash from fans on social media.

Death of Figaro

It’s been a few weeks since Pascal’s character (Devi Sardu) arrived in Mistral. Very quickly, the audience did not notice that this new nurse had a very strange attitude.

It seems that he can do anything, even the worst, to manipulate Jennifer (Diane Dasinin) and destroy her life. In this Tuesday, July 2 episode, Pascal managed to subdue Jennifer with a small kitten.

Although the medical secretary immediately fell in love with the animal, unfortunately she was unable to adopt him because she was sleeping in a hotel after breaking up with Samuel. Pascal then managed to convince her to come and live with him for a few days to take care of him.

But at the beginning of this Thursday, July 4 episode, Jennifer was horrified to discover that Figaro, the little kitten, had died of drowning. If he is convinced that he is guilty, Pascal actually killed him while he slept. An event that shocked the fans of the series.

Angry fans

Fans took to Twitter to express their views on this unexpected turn of events. “It is terrible that we saw a dead kitten“, “Poor Cat, Pascal is a real psychopath, he’s going to join Camille in HP!“, “Nannnnnnnnn everything but the kitten! I’m angry here“We can read it. “Aren’t they ashamed of showing animal abuse on TV? Poor little cat– complained another Internet user.

On Instagram, some fans of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle wanted to point out that this is all fiction and no animals were harmed on set. “It touched me too, but it’s fiction, they didn’t kill the cat, there are stuffed animals in movies and TV series…no, don’t worry – you“.

Find new episodes of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle from Monday to Friday on TF1 and previews on the TF1+ platform.

Source: Allocine

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