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Is Elias Roshdi with Zem a good action movie?  Here are the first viewer reviews

Is Elias Roshdi with Zem a good action movie? Here are the first viewer reviews

Filmed by Roshdi Zemi, Elyas is the new feature film from the filmmaker Florent Emilio-Siri, to whom we owe especially Wasp’s Nest, Otage and Cloclo. After appearing on the small screen as producer of the series Marseille, the filmmaker returns to the action genre.

The story introduces us to Elias Flores, a former special forces soldier, lonely and paranoid. He becomes a bodyguard for 13-year-old Noor and his mother Amina, who are from the Middle East. While an ex-soldier and a young girl meet, a mysterious commando targets them. Elias will stop at nothing to save her.

Did the film convince AlloCiné’s first audience? With a score of 3.5 out of 5 (97 average ratings as of 15:00 on July 4), the work is generally appreciated so far.

They liked it

Julia Cleese (5/5): “An excellent action film, the likes of which we rarely see in French cinema. Stay, some of the fight scenes are legendary! And a beautiful relationship between Roshdi Zemi’s character and the young girl.”

Magnum Kobe (5/5): “The film was incredible with some scary scenes and very well done. I’ve rarely seen it in French films, it’s worth watching again.”

Lila 94: “Great French action film, worthy of Americans, we are not used to seeing this! Roschdy Zem is great and looks like Denzel Washington In Equalizer. I hope there will be a sequel, it’s all you need to start a new franchise!”

Chatomeli (5/5): “Great show! Roshdi Zem is brilliant as the tortured hero. The rhythm, the action, we’re blown away and it’s all the better because that’s what we came for.”

They didn’t like it

Cinema (0.5 out of 5): “Boring and violent. We define few elements against a very shallow background if there is none. No interest, beautiful visuals. No emotion, the ending is ridiculous, the film is too long for what it says. : A disastrous result from my side.”

Bibi M (2/5): “It’s a good beginning, but the ending is so much that it becomes ridiculous… It’s bad, the story wasn’t bad, the actors were good, but trying to do too much ruins everything.”

Titanneeb (3/5): “Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, are we John Wick Desire version. Sure, there isn’t as much action, but the scenes are a little messy. Acting of certain characters needs revision but overall looks good. The ending is a bit long.”

If you want to make up your own mind, Elias hits theaters on July 3rd.

Source: Allocine

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