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Is Horizon a good movie?  Here are the first thoughts on Kevin Costner’s Western!

Is Horizon a good movie? Here are the first thoughts on Kevin Costner’s Western!

On July 3, the French public was able to discover the first episode of Horizon, Kevin Costner’s western, on the big screen. We remind you that this film lays the foundation for the mural of the American West, which will be spread over 4 films. The second part will arrive on September 11.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at your audience ratings on AlloCiné. Did the first curios appreciate the feature film? At the moment, Horizon has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 (135 average ratings as of 15:00 on July 4).

They liked it

Vincent Malhi (5/5): “A film made with heart and it is evident in every corner of the story. The feature film introduces a lot of characters and the tour de force is that they are all interesting, charismatic and developed. This film succeeds, it can. Can’t wait for the sequel.”

Marika Vialis (5/5): “An excellent film by Kevin Costner. This first part of this saga is like an epic. The scenery is of extraordinary beauty. This is a western not to be missed.”

Guillaume Four (5/5): “Great production, brilliant scenery, very realistic details and costumes, best actors. Very good movie, can’t wait for the sequel. Brilliant.”

Pierre B (5/5): “Everything is on the horizon: good actors, good direction, very beautiful scenery, beautiful soundtrack. And of course, our great director Kevin Costner.”

They didn’t like it

D. (1/5): “Horizon is a movie that I didn’t appreciate. The story may be beautiful, but the construction of the feature film is poorly used. The characters are terrible, the dialogues are chaotic and some scenes are too long. I felt very uncomfortable. in this movie.”

Director C (1/5): “What happened to Kevin Costner? It’s heavy, long, dirty, confusing. Sometimes it’s one style, then another, clichés, marshmallow. It seems like the first cut at the end of the shoot, there’s no interest.”

Uther Zendrest (2/5): “Too disjointed, lots of stories intertwining. There are time jumps without warning… It’s dated, very 90s, even with the aesthetics, the production. Good action scenes, but endless dialogue. Big disappointment.”

If you want to make up your own mind, Horizon opens in theaters July 10.

Source: Allocine

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