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Celebrating 470 years, he stars in this number 2 series on Prime Video!

Celebrating 470 years, he stars in this number 2 series on Prime Video!

It is a popular series of the moment on Prime Video and is being emulated on social networks. While The Boys has built up a huge fan base for its fourth season, which is currently airing, My Lady Jane is the second most watched show on the platform.

Subscribers seem to have been won over by this comic and fantasy historical fiction, somewhere between Bridgerton and Game of Thrones, created by Gemma Burgess and Meredith Glynn (Supernatural, The Boys).

And they prove it on social networks, especially X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok, with the editing and editing of the two main characters of this series rated 3.9 out of 5 by AlloCiné viewers.

On one side is Lady Jane Grey, played by Emily Bader, an intelligent, feminist and brave young aristocrat who becomes Queen of England, and on the other side is Guilford Dudley, played by Edward Blumell, who is an irreverent nobleman. Undeniable charm, but a secret magical ability.

They meet again in an arranged marriage that turns them from enemies to lovers, all while saving the kingdom from the threat of the king’s sister.

If their difficult but exciting romance appealed to the audience of the series, it was the personality and journey of Jane Gray that interested subscribers, especially women.

Jane Gray is a historical figure influencing women

You should know that My Lady Jane is an 8-episode adaptation of the novel of the same name by Brody Ashton, Cynthia Hand and Jodie Meadows. And this fictional one is a reimagining of the story of the real Jane Grey, the infamous “Nine Days Queen” of 16th century England.

While the fictional novel offers Lady Jane love, magic, and adventure, the real Lady Jane Gray had a more disastrous fate. Born in 1537, Lady Jane Gray or Jeanne Gray is the granddaughter of King Henry VII of England and Mary Tudor, widow of Louis XII. She was appointed to the ward of Catherine Parry, the last wife of King Henry VIII.

When his cousin and King Edward VI decided before his death to exclude his half-sisters Mary and Elizabeth I from the succession and choose Joan to ascend the throne, he unwittingly signed the death warrant for Lady Jane, who would only reign for nine days. .

Mary Tudor, a Catholic, could not support Joan in her rise to power, as she was considered illegitimate under the laws of succession, and did everything in her power to oust her. Before Jane’s relatives tried to rebel, Mary Jane, then 17, and her husband Guilford were beheaded and thus usurped the throne of England.

If Jane Gray has been an interesting historical figure in the romantic fiction of her era, it is because she has been regarded by historians as “One of the most erudite female minds of the 16th century” and like it “Protestant Martyr Figure”.

His story has even become legendary and has inspired popular culture through novels, romantic biographies, plays, paintings, operas, films and TV series.

The role of Jane Gray was played by Helena Bonham Carter in Sir Trevor Nunn’s Lady Jane in 1986, Bella Ramsey in Becoming Elizabeth in 2022, and today by Emily Bader in My Lady Jane.

Prime Video fiction has reignited the trend on TikTok, with many users posing in front of a certain Jane Gray painting. Hundreds of videos, old and new, of women commemorating Lady Jane Gray in front of the painting The Suffering of Jane Grey Really pops up on social media.

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This painting by French artist Paul Delaroche, completed in 1833, is on display at the National Gallery in London. So if you want to pay tribute to Jane Grey, you can visit the monument and appreciate the famous painting there.

Her personality, her young age, her erudition and her tragic story have attracted many visitors to the National Gallery in London and many fans of my Lady Jane series. Although it was executed 470 years ago, this historical figure still inspires.

My Lady Jane is available on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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