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This is already one of the most amazing movies of 2027!  An actress may have been chosen to play the role of Johnny’s wife!

This is already one of the most amazing movies of 2027! An actress may have been chosen to play the role of Johnny’s wife!

This is one of the big movie announcements of recent days that has taken everyone by surprise! A second biopic project is in the works around Jonny Halliday and is being helmed by Leticia Halliday herself, who is currently putting together her Dream Team to see the film see the light of day.

There won’t be any need to rush, as filming is set to take place in 2026 for a 2027 release, but the project is moving at full speed and casting seems to be well under way already.

Last Friday, Closer announced that Raphael Cuenard will star as Johnny Hallyday in this Laeticia Hallyday-produced film, which is a competing project with Jalil Lespert’s project starring Matthias Schoenaerts.

Lily Rose Depp is tipped to play Laeticia

Today, Closer thinks it knows who will be playing Leeticia Halliday! Lily Rose was approaching Depp. According to the famous magazine, he has already passed the tests.

This week, Paris match published an extensive article detailing many of the behind-the-scenes origins of this feature film by the former companion of the youth idol. Leticia Halliday had her biopic idea in mind for a long time, but the stars didn’t align. “Something was not added, the exchange became difficult. I felt like I was betraying Johnny by starting projects that seemed to me to be a little crazy, lacking in rock ‘n’ roll.” The former companion of the youth idol explains in the columns of the magazine.

He adds that he wants to make a film “At the height of a rocker and a man I’ve loved madly, sometimes painfully, for twenty-three years.

Rafael Cuenar’s choice

Last December, when she arrived in France for the opening of an exhibition dedicated to John, Letizia watched the film Quentin Dupierre’s Yannick on the plane. The French actress immediately liked her. “I was amazed by his acting, his looks, his space, his speaking, his spontaneity, his almost animal charisma… I told myself that if any actor could play John in a movie, it was him.

Arriving in Paris, he met producer Hugo Selinac and discussed the project with him. The latter whispers the director’s name, and this is the trigger.

Raphael Cuenard in Yannick

A biographical film by the director of Bac Nord

Therefore, the feature film is directed by Cédric Jimenez, director of La French, Bac Nord and Novembre. Laeticia recalls Paris Match on the microphone.About John’s excitement when they met Cedric one New Year’s Eve at our house in Gstaad“, during the filming of La French.

Cedric Jimenez recalls:At first there were many of us, and as the evening passed, Taulier, a bit bored, emptied the house and gave leave to those whose leave he wanted… Gilles (Lelouch), Jean (Dujardin). ) and I stayed up late, talked about movies, danced, laughed. That evening I caught a glimpse of the man behind the star. And what amazed me was his immense humility. Johnny appeared too sympathetic, detached from himself. He answered the questions while looking you straight in the eyes. I remember this look…

Telling the story of rock through John is an extraordinary, lifelong project.

The filmmaker, who is more used to thrillers, explains that he immediately agreed to make this biography. “When Hugo called me to tell me about his meeting with Letizia, it only took me half a second to say yes, because the image of Rafael playing Johnny was clearly visible to me, and because I felt that I could tell Rocky’s story through Johnny. An extraordinary, exceptional project of a lifetime. It’s a dream come true and a huge responsibility to bring a character who has changed the lives of four generations to the screen. To be fully grateful, we must allow ourselves, like him, to break free from convention.

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A year of preparation and a lot of hard work

That’s why Hugo Seliniak arranges the first meeting with Letizia, Raphael Cuenard and Cedric Jimenez. The actor, a César winner for Best Newcomer in Junkyard Dog, knows the scope of the piece. he declares Paris match :”It will take a lot of work to give life to this being of light, to a paroxysm of the idea of ​​sharing and communion.”

Raphael Couinard will have a year to prepare to become Le Taulier. He will be surrounded by physical, voice and choreography coaches and will of course have access to archive images and objects that belonged to Jonny Halliday. “I intend to fully, methodically devote myself to this preparation, probably for a few years.“- adds the actor.

Johnny Halliday

Cedric Jimenez, with whom he already collaborated on the film Novembre, adds:Rafael will begin to immerse himself, week by week, month by month, eating, drinking, and thinking about Johnny to get closer. He doesn’t need to play, he needs to be Johnny at the finish line. It’s a big journey. He will cover 85% of the road alone. I will help him with the remaining 15%. The magic of cinema, decorations, costumes will be added to this work.”

Released on the 10th anniversary of John’s death

This feature film is scheduled to be shot in 2026, on December 8, 2027, which is 10 years after the death of Johnny Hallyday.

Regarding his former companion’s Phoenix project Jalil LespertLaeticia Hallyday says:Jalil was already writing to me and at that time he contacted me to have the rights. Three months of discussion followed, then something happened between us. Jalil continued his desire and work around this film. It’s normal for fate to make calls. I could ban things, but I’m not going to.”

Source: Allocine

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