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“Unfortunately…”: This two-time Oscar-winning actor hasn’t had any trouble with any of his films in 16 years

“Unfortunately…”: This two-time Oscar-winning actor hasn’t had any trouble with any of his films in 16 years

We hardly introduce Sean Penn, the actor-director who is widely recognized and blessed, especially with two Oscars for best actor, respectively for Mystic River and for his composition about the murdered gay politician Harvey Milk.

He is also widely talked about outside of Hollywood for his humanitarian projects and his rather strong political stances, such as the war in Ukraine.

Sometimes radical and tough positions, such as when he directly threatened to destroy two Oscars if President Zelensky did not intervene at the awards ceremony that year. Not a fan of half measures…

“That was the last time I had fun on set”

If he continues to shoot, both on the small and big screens, the taste of the work is clearly no longer apparent… In an interview New York TimesSean Penn actually says he hasn’t had fun on set in 16 years.

More precisely, from the filming of Harvey Milk: “That was the last time I had fun on set” He comments and describes the last decade as such “unhappy”.

He adds: “I feel that the actor who plays the lead role, who is a famous actor and is well paid, is in a leading position in the film and you have to show yourself with energy and be a good bodyguard.

I was pretending to get my way and it was exhausting. Most of the time I was just thinking, “What time is it? When do we get there?” But I didn’t know how to keep my house going or travel freely or anything like that if I stopped.”

Moreover, in 2018, Penn already explained that he wanted to end his acting career. The pot must be boiling…

However, after Harvey Milk, Penny did not remain idle, far from it. And he continued to shoot with leading directors such as Terrence Malick in The Tree of Life or, more recently, Paul Thomas Anderson in Licorice Pizza.

We imagine his on-screen partners and the filmmakers he’s worked with will certainly appreciate this standard recap of his filmography over the last sixteen years of his career… but that’s his right.

Source: Allocine

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